The architect

Brunelleschi's life

Brunelleschi was born in Florence Italy 1377 and spent most of his their. Brunelleschi was trained as a gold smith. With his profession as a architect, inventer, and artist he lived in middel to upper class through out his life. Even though he was a inventor and artist he is most known for his works or architecture such as the dome on the Basillica di Santa Maria Del Flore, Church of S. Lurenzo, and The Pazzi Chapel. Through out all of his works his patrons have been the Medici.

Brunelleschi works

This is the Basillica di Santa Maria del Flore were Brunelleschi made the dome which he started in 1420 and was completed in 1434. This structure is located in Florence Tuscany, Italy. This piece of work is significant because he invented a new way to pull up the bricks needed to build the dome and also designed new ways to put in the bricks so the dome could be free standing. Another thing that reason why I found this interesting is that he created something that people thought was imposable and did it in so obivious ways that they were unseeable. This piece exemplifies capitalism because he needed a lot of money to make the dome and the Medici helped him get that money needed.

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