Client Report

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Mike Watson Health and Fitness Report


This is a report about the health screening and fitness tests conducted on the client Mike Watson. The first tests done were the health screening tests where I tested his overall health, we did this with a PAR-Q and testing his heart rate, blood pressure, lung function and BMI. The second set of tests that I did with Mr. Watson were the fitness tests. We did the sergeant jump test, sit and reach, 30 meter sprint, 1minut sit-up and push-up and a twelve minute run.


In the results from the PAR-Q it showed that Mr. Watson did exercise regularly on the bike at least 4 times a week. When it comes to any medical problems he had a knee injury which will prevent him from doing anything that would put too much stress on his knee. While looking through my PAR-Q it showed that Mr. Watson was safe to carry out any fitness or health tests although his knee injury will affect some tests because he had no heart problems or other serious health issues.

Health Screening

For the health screening Mr. Watson did 4 tests in total:

· Heart Rate

· Blood Pressure

· Lung Function


Before any of the tests were going to be carried out, I had asked him not to drink any caffeine that day or anything else that may have affected his scores in the tests because caffeine can elevate the heart rate. To this he answered that he had taken none.

Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Test

For the heart rate and blood pressure tests we need both a blood pressure monitor and a heart rate monitor. When we measured the heart rate we found he had a resting heart rate of 80 beats per minute (bpm) which is healthy and good for his age. When we measured his blood pressure we found that it was 120/90 (systolic/diastolic) which actually put him into the pre-high blood pressure group. This meant that even though his blood pressure was not that high it was still right on the border meaning he needed to make changes to his lifestyle to reduce the risk of him moving into the high blood pressure zone in the future.

Lung Function

For the lung function tests we needed a spirometer to calculate his vo2 max. For this test Mr. Watson scored a total of 5150ml which was well above the average for his age group which relates to his active lifestyle and the fact that he has never smoked. His lung function is excellent but could be improved more to increase his capacity. He could improve it by doing more exercise.

BMI Test

For the BMI test we needed weighing scales a tape measure. To do the test we measured his height and weight to compared it to the normative data it showed that he was overweight. However since the normative data does not take into consideration body composition, it is not accurate for him as he was just muscular. So I am not going to suggest that he should lose weight even though his score put him in the overweight category.

Fitness Testing

For the fitness testing Mr. Watson did 7 tests in total:

· 30 meter sprint test for speed

· Sit & reach test for flexibility

· 12 minute cooper run for aerobic endurance

· 1 minute sit-up for muscular endurance

· 1 minute press-up for muscular endurance

· Sargent jump test for power

· 1 rep max

Before we did any of the test I got Mr. Colvin to do a warm up on the cross trainer for 5 minutes. When he completed his warm up I went through what tests we would be for all of the tests. We did the warm-up because it got his body ready for exercise and reduced the risk of him getting injury.

For the 30 meter sprint test Mr. Watson scored 4.7 seconds, which according to normative data this was a very poor performance. This is the test which Mr. Watson did the poorest in mainly because his knee injury limited him from doing his absolute best. Due to the fact that Mr. Watson’s focus was not really to improve speed but rather overall fitness there is no need for him to improve it. However if he wanted to in the future he could do this by taking yoga classes.

For the sit & reach test Mr. Watson scored 135 which according to the normative data is an excellent score. He would need to just continue to do his stretches to maintain his excellent score.

We did not do the 12 minute cooper run as Mr. Watsons knee injury would only has worsened if we were to carry it out.

For the sit-up test Mr. Watson scored 38 and for the push-up test he scored 44 which according to the normative data both gave him a score of average. To improve his strength for both of this Mr. Watson can do core workout like crunches and push-ups.

For the sergeant jump test Mr. Watson got a score 46cm which according to the normative data gave him a score of average. To improve his power Mr. Watson could do more squats and lunges.

Finally, for the one rep max test he scored 46kg which is below average. This is mostly irrelevant as the only way a normal person will score anything above that is if they do regular weights lifting and since it is not something he is looking to improve then there is no need to add weightlifting to his work.

Lifestyle Improvements

For Mr. Watson the main lifestyle improvements we want him to consider are aimed towards are smoking, drinking and sleep.

His strengths:

· Does not smoke

· Exercises regularly

· Fit

His weaknesses

· Stress

· Diastolic blood pressure is slightly high


Your body needs sleep to refill energy it has used throughout the day. Generally speaking the longer hours you sleep the better you will feel and function better better. A suggested amount of sleep is at least 8 to 10 hours a night. If someone does not get enough sleep they can get sleep deprivation which means the lack of sleep. People who have sleep deprivation usually display obvious symptoms listed below:

· Tiredness

· Cannot think straight

· Lack of co-ordination

· Grumpiness

· Becoming irrational

Reference: ,,,20459221,00.html


Smoking is not recommended at all as there is nothing beneficial about it at all. According to the American lung foundation every cigarette you smoke contains a lot of chemicals among them nicotine which is highly addictive.


Furthermore smoking decreases the absorption of vitamin C and it can cause a person to be more tired and he has a higher risk of getting a depression. Smoking also causes malabsorption of vitamin D which is needed for the absorption of calcium so smokers are at greater risk of brittle bones (osteoporosis) and fractures and since smokers take longer to heal after surgery and illness in general that is not good.


By smoking a cigarette you will inhale a lot of the chemicals which is incredibly damaging to your body and may lead to illnesses such as lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and bronchitis and other chronic lung diseases. There are no benefits of smoking that have ever been proven so I will suggest Mr. Watson to stay a non-smoker and stay away from second-hand smoke as well.



Mr. Watson drinks occasionally which is perfectly fine as long as you do not drink excessively. The recommended weekly amount for men is 21 units per week. There are plenty of alcohol beverages available but the type of alcohol that is most beneficial to you is red wine because of the resveratrol and antioxidants in it.


According to there are EG: more alcohol units in a strong beer than in light beer so I would suggest Mr. Watson to make informed choices when he chooses to drink alcohol to make sure he stays within the recommended limits. The recommended limits of alcohol consumption per week which is below 21 for men.


It is not recommended to drink alcohol as it has long term effects on your body due to the alcohol poisoning you sustain. The best example is that people who drink excessively through their lives have a higher risk of getting liver cancer. Alcohol also impairs reaction time which may impair sports performance and since alcohol is a diuretic which speedup the loss of fluids and electrolytes which you need for proper hydration this can cause serious discomfort during exercise and severe headache and ultimately the risk of passing out.



To conclude this report I have gathered the information I need from both the tests I did with Mr. Watson. I will use them to create his personal fitness program. The goal we decided was to increase his overall fitness. To make sure we get the best training program possible we will base the training program on what he likes to do the most (cycling) and towards his goal. He should also stay within the recommended limits of alcohol units per week and still refrain from smoking as well as avoid secondhand smoke. He should keep a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruit and stay away from too much processed food containing high amounts of salt.