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October 2020


Dear Klem South Families,

We continue to feel extremely grateful for your partnership. This has been a unique start, but your commitment to helping this work has made all the difference in the world. As we continue on our journey across the bridge year, we welcome your feedback and appreciate your understanding of the current circumstances. We also recognize the challenges this school year has brought to so many of our families.

Our students are doing an amazing job with remembering their masks and keeping them on during the school day. Thank you for helping them come to school prepared.

Enjoy the crisp air and changing colors.

Kind regards,

Martha and Stephen

Shortening the Window for Arrival and Pick-up

Since things are running so smoothly, we would like to shorten the arrival window to get kids in the building faster. We can also cut off some time for parent pick up during dismissal. Parents, please see the following changes:

AM- The parent drop off window is now 7:55-8:05 AM and the parent pick up window is 10:10-10:20 AM.

PM- The parent drop off window is now 11:50-12:00 PM and the parent pick up window is 2:05-2:15 PM.

Thank you for taking advantage of our buckle zone! It helps the line keep moving and ensures kids can safely get into their seats.


  • Tomorrow, October 9th is a Superintendent's Conference Day- No School

  • October 12th is Columbus Day- No School

  • October 21st is Picture Day for hybrid students.

  • October 27th is Picture Day for remote students- please use the link below to sign-up. Remote learners will go to the Life Touch studio to have their picture taken.
Remote Picture Day Sign-up!

Remote learners can use this sign-up genius to sign up for pictures on October 27th.

COVID-19 Procedures for Attendance

For students who are called in sick or absent from school, we must ask what symptoms the child is experiencing. If the child is experiencing any of the following symptoms associated with COVID-19, we will follow the procedures outlined by the Monroe County Department of Health.

The symptoms include:

  • Fever (<100 F), Chills
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Loss of Taste or Smell
  • Fatigue
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Nausea, Vomiting or Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Muscle or Body Aches

In the event your child is experiencing symptoms that could be associated with COVID-19 please ask yourself: Are these symptoms new or unusual for your child?

If you answer...

“NO”: Your child may return to school when feeling better as long as the symptoms remain consistent with what your child normally experiences for this condition. Before returning to school, please consult with our school nurse to make sure she has the necessary medical documentation concerning this condition. Your child must also remain fever-free for at least 24 hours and exhibit significant improvement of these symptoms. If symptoms worsen or your child develops symptoms normally not experienced with this condition, the Department of Health requires that your child be assessed by a healthcare provider. If this happens, please notify our school nurse to discuss the additional medical documentation required for your child to return to school.

If you answer...

“YES”: Students experiencing these symptoms, at home or in school, are required by the Health Department to be evaluated by a healthcare provider before returning to school. Please call your child’s healthcare provider and share the symptoms you have described. In order to return to school, your child must remain fever-free (<100℉) for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medication and exhibit significant improvement of symptoms. You must also provide the school nurse with written medical clearance prior to returning to school as follows:

  1. If the healthcare provider determines these symptoms are due to an alternate diagnosis and COVID-19 is not suspected, provide the nurse with a note signed by the healthcare provider explaining the alternate diagnosis.

  2. If the healthcare provider recommends COVID-19 testing, your child must stay out of school and remain in isolation until the test result is back. If the test result is negative, provide the nurse with a copy of the negative lab report or a note from the healthcare provider indicating the test was negative.

The nurse at Klem South will be calling families and asking for proper documentation. If a child has symptoms at school, we will send them to the illness room and call families to pick them up. They can return to school when the above requirements are met. We understand that this process may seem cumbersome and challenging. We obligated to follow the direction of the county health department and to do our best to keep all children and staff members safe. We ask that you follow these procedures and notify us when your child is absent due to illness. This step is VERY important and will help us keep our KS community protected.

If your child tests positive for COVID-19, please notify us immediately. Your child's return to school will be directed by the Health Department.

Travel Quarantine for Students

Students who travel to a state on the travel advisory list:

  • Must quarantine at home for 14 days after leaving the state on the list.

  • Should notify the DOH upon their return by completing the Travel Health Form on the NYSDOH site.

  • In order to return to school, parents must report to the school that the student and family have remained asymptomatic during quarantine.

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October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

3 Minute JLY-DS

Klem South Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage month kicked off on September 15. Starting on Friday, October 2nd, we will highlight on our announcements the accomplishments of a few notable Hispanic Americans who have changed the course of history.

Friday - Ellen Ochoa, first Latina astronaut

Monday - Octaviano Larrazola, first Hispanic American to become a U.S. Senator

Tuesday - Sonia Sotomayor, first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice

Wednesday - Lin-Manuel Miranda, composer, performer, and activist

Thursday - Sylvia Mendez, Civil Rights activist

Each classroom has been assigned a Latin American country to learn more about. Together, we will celebrate and honor the culture and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans.

Read Aloud Titles with Mrs. End

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F.I.R.E.'s Hispanic Heritage Committee invites you to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by attending a virtual celebration.

For details & links to these events, view our events calendar at our website: https://sites.google.com/webstercsd.org/hhc

News from the Library

Hybrid Students (students who attend ½ day daily):

Mrs. Benz will be bringing a selection of library books to your child’s classroom every two weeks and he/she will have the opportunity to exchange books during this visit. If your child is not finished with a book, please keep it at home until next time. Each student was given a bag (pictured below).

PLEASE KEEP THIS BAG FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR and have your child use it for safely transporting library books back and forth to school. If this bag is misplaced, please use another plastic bag. Your child was given a schedule of these library “Book Mobile” visits in early September. If you would like another copy of the schedule, please email chris_benz@webstercsd.org.

100% Remote Students:

We are offering a Library Book Pickup Service to our 100% Remote Students! You will be able to request, pick up, and drop off books from your “home” school each week. Remote learning students may check out 2 books which may be kept for up to 3 weeks. An email was sent on Thursday, 10/1, inviting our remote families to join a Remind group to access this service. If you did not receive the email or have any questions, please email chris_benz@webstercsd.org.

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Excerpt on Helping Children Handle Emotional Spikes

For young children, developing an emotional vocabulary is a powerful tool. “Labeling emotions is a form of communication. It helps us make meaning of our experiences and communicate that to others.” Learning the difference between anger, frustration, annoyance, and disappointment can help children think about the causes of their emotions.

With practice, parents can use self-talk to model healthier ways of moving through emotion. It might sound like, “Mommy had a really long day at work and needs a little space to take a deep breath. I want to talk to you, but first I need to take a little break and then come back to you”

The full article link is: https://www.kqed.org/mindshift/55708/when-a-childs-emotions-spike-how-can-a-parent-find-their-best-self

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