Schwartz's Shoutouts!

Week of May 16th

What Are We Learning?

Reading/Writing- Children's Shakepeare Unit - We are learning about Shakepeare's life, the Elizabethan time period, what plays were like during this time period, and about the play Romeo and Juliet.

Science- How do plants and animals adapt to survive

Social Studies- What effect did the Civil War have on the South



Read 20 minutes and put in Biblionasium


Read 20 minutes and put in Biblionasium


Read 20 minutes and put in Biblionasium


Read 20 minutes and put in Biblionasium


Have a great weekend!

Updates and Reminders

Monday- All Ipads and chargers must stay at school for the remainder of the year

Thursday May 19th- Volunteer appreciation breakfast drop in 7:30-9:00

Thursday May 19th- Chorus concert 7:00

Friday May 20th- Field Day

Romeo and Juliet Performance

I am hoping that on next Friday, the 27th, we will be able to put on a performance for all of you of Romeo and Juliet. It is a reader's theater written for children and is more comedic than romantic. Right now the date is tentative depending on how quickly we can finish up the unit but I wanted to go ahead and let you know so you had some advanced noticed.