Make a Difference in the World

Become an Exchange Student or Host One

Dear High School Students and Parents,
We would like to share 2 unique opportunities to improve your students' second language acquisition skills, each with its own very special benefits for your personal development.

Enhance Your Second Language Opportunities!

Option 1 - Spend a summer, semester or a year abroad

Through this opportunity you would get to experience life in another country with a warm and welcoming host family. You would attend high school, make new friends and learn how to speak the language just like a native speaker. Learning that second language is easier than you think when you live it. As one of the oldest and largest international student exchange organizations, ASSE is able to offer the most comprehensive programs with the lowest possible fees.

Living With a Host Family Will Let You Quickly Master the Language and Absorb the Culture

Host An Exchange Student and Make Someone's Dream Come True!

Option 2 - Bring the world to your home by hosting an international ASSE high school exchange student

Having an exchange student is much like having an adopted teenage son or daughter from overseas! ASSE students do their share of the family chores and are eager to participate in your family's leisure activities. As the school year progresses, your famliy will grow close to this new family member, developing a bond that will endure thousands of miles and last a lifetime. To begin your exciting cultural adventure, contact your Local Area Representative by clicking on the link provided here
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