The Space Race

The US vs the Soviet Union: 1957-1975

The Space Race

The Space Race was battle between the United States's NASA and The Soviet's Space Program. It was a struggle for power. It was a tug of war, the Russian's got an early advantage but the United States won the race to the moon.


Sputnik was the spark that set the fire ablaze. It worried the US and they thought that they needed to react. Sputnik was only 23 inches across, but it was made so shiny that it could be seen by the naked eye. It also made a beeping noise that could be heard by any man who could operate a radio. It was another show of strength instead of having practical use.

The Space Race and the Cold War

The Space race was a crucial moment during the Cold War. The Space Race was a way for both sides to flex their muscles. The Space Race was so important because showed the stronger side. The Race was not much about actually getting in space.
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Moon Landing

The Moon landing was the biggest moment of the Space Race. The US flag in the moon surface was a jab in the ribs to the Russians. The moon landing was the most significant moment in the Space Race
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The Space Race was important because it, like sports, was a way for both sides to flex their muscles. The competition also created greatness, which lead to technology like satellite TV.

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