Nile River

by: Draven KIllian and Elizabeth Wright

Transportation and Trading

  • Large boats where used to carry big amounts of cargo trade.
  • They used animal skins and ivory tusks when trading.
  • The Nile River was used like a highway to get from one place to another.

Calender and Farming

  • The Egyptians had 3 seasons instead of 4, like us. They had a flooding season, a planting season, and a harvest.
  • Farming helped them with growing their economy larger.
  • Farming also helped raise their food supplies

Only 22% of the Nile passes through Egypt.

The Nile River is 4,135 miles long, the longest river.

Daily Life

  • When they needed to bath, cook, or drink water, the Nile River was their sorce.
  • When the village needed meat, the men hunted for hippos.
  • The Egyptians fished in the river and the fish was their biggest source for protein.

Physical Features

  • The NIle is one of the only rivers that flows from south to north.
  • It has 6 cataracts, and 2 were in Ancient Egypt.
  • The Nile has natural rhythms which keeps the land rich.