Fabulous Fruit

The end to mushy fruit has arrived

My Problem

My problem is having mushy Fruit in My Lunch. This is a problem because when my parents first pack me a lunch they take the non-mushy cold fruit out of the fridge and pack it in my lunch .But what they don't understand is that during the day when I carry it around the fruit gets squished by all the other foods in my lunch box.It is also not very cold. I know this because I have had mushy fruit in my lunch.It is really gross , disgusting,mushy,and squishy.I think that because it is mushy it effects the taste. It's not just the taste by not eating the fruit I'm getting in trouble at home and I'm not receiving enough nutrition. By not eating my fruit I could be less focused and have less energy for my tasks at school.

How it works

These are the materials I used to build my prototype.

Lunch Container

ice pack

bubble wrap

This is how my prototype is put together.

First you put velcro on the inside of the lid ,then you put velcro on the ice pack and velcro it.

Next you cut the bubble wrap to the right side and fit it in the container.

Last you put the fruit inside the bubble wrap and test it.