The Fault In Our Stars

John Green

What would your last wish be?


Hazel Grace, A teenage girl with cancer, goes to a support group. Sad right? She thought so. She was hoping to find a positive way to cope with her sickness. But instead met a beautiful boy named Augustus Waters, a former cancer patient. She is 18 years old struggling with lung cancer. Hazel loved reading, especially her favorite novel An Imperial Affliction. She loves the book but is dying to know what happens after the book ends. Her love for Augustus Waters strengthens as they grow closer. They take a trip to Amsterdam together to find out what happens. Although its not what she was hoping. A tragic love story, Hazel was the sick one struggling with cancer but little did she know Augustus still had it too. The cancer finally made its way to his heart and killed him the day after his prefuneral. Hazel also receives a letter from the author other favorite book, he was going through some things too. She got the closer she needed. Her only only wish was to find out the ending on her favorite book. Its such an amazing story appropriate for all ages! So get your tissues ready and start watching! "Okay will be our forever, okay?"


I chose this book because I saw the movie and I wanted to find out how it compared to the book. My favorite part of the book occurred when Hazel met Augustus. I liked it because they really connected and he really cared for Hazel. The way that he stared at her at the support group, you could tell that they would be a thing. Hazel also tried to not catch feelings for him because she has cancer, but she just couldn't help it. Plus they are cute. The only bad part is I get very emotional and so I cried a lot during the book. But that could also be a good thing. Overall I would rate this book a 10 out of 10 definitely 5 stars because its a great love story even with a surprising twist on the end. It would most likely be recommended for any ages most likely young adults and adults.

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