directly from the castles of MacNeil and Leonard

Land of READ-A-LOT

Maidens and Lords read the last of three fabulous storybooks by our famed author, Patricia Polacco! What an amazing writer, who presented us with thoughtful and meaningful life lessons. The students worked hard to identify the story elements of character, plot, setting and theme!

Missions in Math

The Kingdom completed their "Real World Experience" for multiplication and division. Engage your child in conversation over what the most important difference is between these operations. Discuss if these operations are more alike or more different!

Soaring in Science

Science will be on hiatus while we transition back to social studies. We will start with a study of how people improve their communities. Make sure you have your child share their replicated artifact!!

WRITING that is Worthwhile

Our Maidens and Lords worked very hard organizing a MEL-CON this week. This type of writing is very detailed and requires the students to read two nonfiction articles and search for evidence that supports a given purpose question. This week we finished our organizers and wrote well developed paragraphs to persuade readers why we do or do not think schools should can (remove) junk food!!


  • The new district webpage was launched last week.
  • Please continue to visit our third grade blog for newsletter information and classroom updates. Go to! Once we have access to changing things on the new district site, we will have a direct connection from the district site to our blog!
  • Every student should be reading for their 300 minute monthly reading calendars!
  • Please wear a warm coat, gloves, and a hat for the 30 minute recess. It is too cold outside to have exposed body parts!
  • No school on Monday in honor of President's Day.
  • All school assembly on Friday @ 1:30 pm.