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New Library Designs

Come and see how our B.B.I.S. Library has been transformed. Here are a few new designs that have been added this past month.


This past month, our advanced academics classes created Marble Roller Coasters to demonstrate the application of physics. They worked extremely hard on this challenging project. Check out some of these awesome designs.

Collaborating About Books

We have some amazing book recommendations from some of our awesome 6th grade students. Case, Landon and Davis have created a video to discuss their favorite books with us. Look for their recommendations in our BBIS library.

Click here to watch the Video for Book Recommendations!

Internet Safety Tips

Planning to spend time on a chrome book this year for research projects? We need to make sure we value research ethics while on the internet. As you begin exploring the internet, it is extremely important to be a good digital citizen. Please watch the video below to learn about internet safety.

40 Book Challenge and Beyond!!

This year, BBIS students are being challenged to read at least 40 books from a variety of different genres. As they read a book, they will keep track of their thinking and record the genre. Once they have finished their 40 books, they will turn in the required tracking documents to their ELA teacher. Once it has been approved, students will be invited to the 40 Book Challenge Party at the end of the school year. Students will have until April 29, 2022 to turn in their 40 book challenge documents. Ready, Set, GO!!!!

40 Book Genre Challenge Document

How Do I Put A Book On Hold?

Watch this video to learn how to put a book on hold in the BBI library.

Destiny Discover Video Link

The Learning Community

Have you ever visited the Magnolia Public Library? It's a wonderful way to spend time reading outside of school and it's FREE. Click on the link below to learn how to access books from the public library in our community.

Bear Branch Intermediate School Library Media Center

Feel free to contact us with questions about our programs.