Adenosine triphosphate

By Erynn Cannon Alberto Villarreal


Our company created this new plan for all you animals to breath and enjoy life: respiration. Take a look at our flyer.

How we made this plan

We created this plan from putting these two things together: oxygen and glucose also known as sugar. The purpose of the plan is to create energy. You can tell by when we breath the oxygen, we use it to create energy for our bodies. This plan is for people that need a way to breath but they don't use the sun or Carbon dioxide to live. The mitochondria is where the energy is formed. It's role is respiration or breathing.

Respiration as a Chemical Equation

Benefits for buying this plan

Once you buy your plan, you will not be charged again to buy the same plan. You will just have to use that plan for the rest of your life and never get a new plan. You also be getting a free accessory with your purchase: a bag of air and an apple to get your sugar levels up.