Alei'a Beard-Dorm

On the Rise

Sparta has been developing at a rather rapid pace recently. Word has been spreading that our city has been deemed one of the most powerful cities in Greece. The only thing keeping us from being the most powerful city-state is Athens. We are currently neck and neck with being the most powerful. This is very good for us because then our economy will benefit due to the publicity. It's things like this that should make us all proud to be Spartans.

We are filled with popularity because of our major exports, construction and militia. Let's join together as a community to keep our reputation up. This is important to keep this status to also benefit Greece in the hopes of becoming a world superpower. In all, be on the lookout for a rise in our economy, population and popularity.

Tension in Paradise

We all feel the uneasiness between us and Athens. There can only be one city at the top. We have opened fire on Athens. No, there has not been an actual reason, but, rather, to determine who the best actually is. Athens has been on the rise just as long as we have. The tension between us has become too much for either of us to address. Hence, we've decided to go to war to battle it. Soon, we will show those Athenians who actually rule Greece. In the end, we will prevail and they will fall to us, Sparta. We are better than them. We are the best in all of Greece. THIS IS SPARTA!

Going Strong

As you all know, our military is taken very seriously here. In order to not only defend Sparta, but all of Greece, we need to have the manpower to do so. Currently our militia is the strongest in the world. Although our citizens see the government and military as being very harsh and unkind, it is for the best in the end. We are a threat to all countries. This security and protection allows us to sleep better at night. Women, please continue to send resources and goods to our troops. Men, continue to hold out and be strong for your city-state. Understand that these harsh rules are imposed for a reason. Let's keep our strength up.

At the Top

Finally, we are proud to say the war has ended. Athens surrendered to us just this week and victory feels so great. We are officially the most powerful city-state in Greece. Athens is now beneath us. They may say that the only reason they gave up is because their population dwindled because of the spread of the plague. However, us Spartans know that is not true. We are elite because we are better, because we deserve it. Welcome to the top ladies and gentlemen, let's stay here and stay Sparta strong.


Sparta is better than Athens because it holds more power. If I was alive during that time, of course I would have preferred to live in Athens because life there was not as harsh. But, it's the severity of Sparta that made it a more powerful state. Yes, Athens was very established and had the advantage of being along a coast, but they just did not have the militia that Sparta trained; nobody did for that matter. Sparta eventually proved that it was more powerful by pushing Athens so far into their own city that the overcrowding lead to the rapid spread of the plague and the fall of the Athenian state.