Guitar lessons

Genius hour

The basics

electric guitar is a solid body made of wood

has 6 strings


electric because you amplify though an amp


the first musical instrument was rocks

the first string instruments were bowl harps made out of tortoise shells and calabashes.

later the first guitar belonged to the egyptian singer Har-Mose and eventualy buried with him it had only three strings and made out of cedar wood and rawhide.

even later the first 6 string guitar the lute was created in the beggining of the renaissance 16th century spain.

it was a short 8 fretted guitar

Famous guitar players

Gibson vs fender

gibson has the famous world know les paul which has a more distorted modern tone quality to it. fender has the telecaster an original with a cleab 60's tone quality. for to explain which is better isnt realistic because its all about personal opinion and whichever you prefer

Why does this matter

for me explaining all of this allows you to have a better understanding of the guitar and how to use it along with how it was created. this is very useful information that you can apply to different instruments all together.