Forced Marriage

Is forced marriage ever okay?

Background information about forced marriage

In fact, marriage is in which family honour is most strongly invested, and it is through marriage that a person's and families social standing is maintained. Can you believe parents are the ones who are usually forcing their daughters to marry. Forced marriage is usually caused by the people in that person's life to make them believe it's best to be

forced into marriage. Accordingly, arranged or forced marriage is used as a mean to have family member’s or those in a membership group immigrate through sponsorship by the spouse who is already settled here. Many young girls across the Country, from the Muslim faith are forced into marriage.

What are some of the causes of forced marriage?

· Reasons that vary according to the social, cultural, economic, political and legal context explain the existence of planned and potentially forced, marriage.

· Some parents don't ask their children for their opinion in the marriage. They just tell them who they are going.

· The most often case is when young girls are concerned, because parents consider marriage a social act

· Some families are pressured into forced marriage do to the fear of marrying their daughter to a total stranger.

· Parents use forced or arranged marriage to "place" their daughters because they are still considered to be subject to parental authority in some families and therefore regarded as minors.


The Opium Brides of Afghanistan is about farmers having to sell their daughters and they are being forced to marry. The farmers have to sell their daughters so they can make a living.

South Asia is also known for forced marriage.

Another country that uses forced marriage is Latin America.

The last example is about Fatumatta who was just 13 years old when she was forced to marry an older man. Her father told her that her husband would take good care of her.

What are some of the effects of forced marriage?

· Forced marriage is being called a crime against humanity.

· After marriage people had to stay together or they would be beaten or even killed.

· Girl’s heath is at a huge risk

· Girls are usually pulled out of school to become married, so they don't have a good education.

· Some parents see forced marriage as a way of protecting their daughters against the risk of relationships, and most importantly against relationships outside marriage.

· Poverty is one of the main causes of forced marriage. For some poor families, the marriage of their daughter is a way of giving her access to a higher standard of living.

· Last is Abuse. Girls who marry older men are at an increased risk of physical violence, forced relationships, and emotional abuse.


This case about a 14 year old girl accused of poisoning the 35-year-old man she was forced to marry. She was set to go on trial for murder in northern Nigeria.

Forced Marriage thoughts

I believe forced marriage is only okay if the girl or boy has a say in it. I believe it is never okay if a young girl is forced to marry. They don't deserve to be pulled out of school to marry. They family should not force their young daughters into marriage. There are a few foundations trying to help these girls. They are keeping the girls at school and feeding them, so the parents can't tell their kids there isn't enough money to support you. This is what I think about forced marriage.


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