Katie Crowley Period: 1 May 16, 2016

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Coyote's usually live in deserts, prairies, open woodlands, and brush country, it is increasingly colonizing urban habitats. (Gale Research)
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Coyotes are 4-legged medium sized dog. Most coyotes have a head and body of 35 inches, with 14 inch tail. They wight about 30lbs. When coyotes are chasing their prey, they can run up to 35 miles. (Gales Research).
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Body Covering

Coyotes are covered with medium sized thick tawny shedding fur and a black tiped bushy tails. Coyotes are vertebrate animals.
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Coyotes hunt and eat prey larger and smaller than themselves. Coyotes are omnivorous feeders, they could eat plants, rodents, fruit, garbage and anything they can get their paws on. Coyotes can run up to 35 miles per hour while chasing their prey.
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Coyotes are sexual and internal fertilization. Sharing a rearing of the young. A female produces the litter each year, about 6 blind helpless pups. They stay in dens for 3 weeks until strong enough to start to hunt. Mother coyotes usually have up to 4-8 pups. Mother coyotes will watch their babies carefully, while the father coyote does all of the hunting. (Swimburne , 22)
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Coyotes prey small animals such as: insects, rabbits, mice and ground squirrels. Coyotes also prey large animals such as: deer, and pronghorn antelope, ect. Coyotes mate for life until one of the coyotes die. The females carries the baby, and the mother gives birth to her babies in her dens. ( O'Tolle & Stidworthy , 24)

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Other infomation

  • Coyotes and wolves are very similar, and could easily be mistaken for one another.
  • Coyotes can live basically anywhere.
  • Coyotes are scared of human.
  • Coyotes are 35 inches with a 14 inch tail.
  • Coyotes can start hunting at 3 weeks old.
  • Coyotes have a life span to 14-16 years.
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