The Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Seth Eaton


Length : 3.5 feet

Weight : 350 pounds

Biggest : 1,000 pounds

Eat meat and forage

Horseshoe crab, clams, mussels, jellyfish.

Where they eat: by coastal bays, estuaries, and shallow water against continental shelves.



44,560 nesting females

making a nest takes about three hoursnest every two to three yearsabout 100 eggs for each nest65% of eggs hatcheggs as big as chickengo to the samme beach every timemost babies don't even get to the water 


great divers, paddle like feet, they can metabolize sea water and turn it into fresh water, imune to the sting of jelly factsold enough to be 50 years oldsc state reptilemigrate to warmer water in the winterbecame endangered inJuly 28, 1978Species name               Group nameCarolus Linnaeus           Flotillu