Respiratory System

Ellie Ariagno

Respiratory system and organs and there functions

The main functions of the respiratory system are exchange of gases in the atmosphere and in the blood also it helps maintain the proper balance of acids and bases (also known as pH). Another function is that it protects you from harmful bacteria that can be inhaled so that you don't get sick. Last but not least it helps with vocalization and being able to speak.

These are the main functions of the organs


The nose is the main upper respiratory organ where air enters into and exits from the body.


The pharynx is tube that looks like a cylinder, right behind the oral and nasal cavities, it has air pass from the mouth to the lungs.


Air enters into the larynx, almost always called the voice box. The larynx is part of the upper respiratory part that has two main functions: a passageway for air to enter into the lungs, and a part of vocalization.


The bronchi allows a passage of air into the lungs.


The switch of oxygen and carbon dioxide gases happens at the alveolar stage.


Contraction of the diaphragm causes the chest to expand, which happens during inhalation. During exhalation, the release of the diaphragm causes the chest or thorax cavity to contract.

Lungs (my organ)

The three main functions of the lungs is it is the primary source of breathing and to take in air and separate the oxygen from the other gases. Also to supply the oxygen to the blood and finely to exhale the carbon dioxide from your body. A few of the cells in the lungs are goblet cells and mucociliary escalator cells. Some examples of tissues in the lungs are squamous epithelium and ciliated epithelium.

Diseases of the lungs

  • Lung cancer
  • Asthma
  • Influenza
  • Sleep Apnea
Lung cancer can be caused by exposure to tobacco smoke, smoking cigars and pipes. Past smokers are still able to get lung cancer. It can also be caused by breathing in gas. Viruses and particles in the air are also a suspect of lung cancer.
Some symptoms are you may have a long lasing cough or cough up blood or even be short of breath. You have a chance of loosing weight, decreased appetite, bad pain in your chest, and or not being able to swallow. This all may be caused because there might be a block in the air passageway.
The treatments to cancer in some cases is drugs like pemetrexed and etoposide, radiation and surgery are combined but it depends on the type of cancer and or the patient.

With out the respatory system

If you go without the respiratory system than you would be dead because you would not be able to breath.

How does it interact with other organ system

  • Digestive system
The Digestive System provides our body with nutrients and the Respiratory System gives the Digestive oxygen.
  • Nervous system
It commands your body what to do by communicating with the brain. It even helps the Respiratory System by letting you notice when you are breathing and have most control.
  • Circulatory system
This helps the respiratory system move nutrients to keep the lungs cleansed. In exchange, the respiratory system lets air in to keep the circulatory system working.
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