February 4, 2016


We are feeling the love! It's Valentine's season, and we are having a great time distributing love gifts to our referring offices. We have fun Valentines theme pens and paper imprinted with our marketing messages on them. Our offices have been so excited to receive our marketing goodies!
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Phase III Trial to Begin of IVIG Product to Treat PI

As a leader in our industry, CHS works diligently to stay current on new products and trends in our markets. In October, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared the investigational new drug application for ProMetic Life Sciences’ intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) product for the treatment of primary immunodeficiency disease (PI). The Phase III clinical trial, which was slated to begin in the fourth quarter of 2015, is an open-label, single-arm, two cohort multicenter study to investigate the safety, tolerability, efficacy and pharmacokinetics of ProMetic’s plasma-purified IVIG in a total of 75 patients with PI, including 50 adults (cohort one) and 25 children (cohort two).

ProMetic utilizes a proprietary platform, the Plasma Protein Purification System

(PPPS), a multi-product sequential purification process originally developed in collaboration with the American Red Cross that employs powerful affinity separation materials in a multi-step process to extract and purify plasma proteins in high yields. “The yield advantage provided by our PPPS technology for more mainstream plasmaderived products such as IVIG is of great importance to our commercial strategy,” said Pierre Laurin, president and chief executive officer of ProMetic. “The significant financial contribution from products like IVIG will greatly facilitate the pursuit of our strategy, namely the development of much needed and more affordable orphan products addressing rare diseases.”


CHS will continue to monitor the progress of this new IVIG product.

Jolin D. McCleskey

Executive Vice President

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SPOTLIGHT: Hasoona Bagat

We have a new MA in the infusion center, her name is Hasoona Bagat. Hosanna is from Sudan, and has been in Phoenix for 9 years. She moved here in high school, and when she arrived, she did not speak any English. She had to teach herself enough English to be able to pass the entrance exam for school. She did it, and started Central High School, she later transferred to PV High. Her family moved here for a better life, and she really likes it here in Phoenix.

She speaks four languages (Dinka, Arabic, Nuer, and English). If you thought she looks like a runway model, you are right! She started modeling at 16, and did many fashion shows in LA and NY. For a while, she did both nursing and modeling on the weekends- this schedule did not allow for much relaxation, and she made the choice to work with patients. She really enjoys being able to spend time with patients that are here for the long infusions. She has been an M.A. for 3 years, and is currently pursuing her nursing degree.

Her hobbies are reading, and learning about other cultures- she is fascinated by different cultures. She also loves food, and loves to cook.

Welcome Hasoona!

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  • Dr. Poecheck- We are in process of having him change a note in the system for billing purposes.
  • Dr. Grangier- During my visit they were in the process of sending over a patient to Dr. Hendin, I was able to thank them right then and there with our gifts.
  • Dr. Yu
  • Dr. Hodgeson
  • Dr. Gitt
  • Dr. Saavadra
  • Dr. DeOcampo
  • Dr. Laurin
  • Dr. Kaufman
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