Digital Citizenship

Social Media Lillian McGarel-Hogg


What is cyberbulling ?

Cyberbulling refers to bullying through information and communication on phones, emails, chat rooms and text messages.

Who can help you ?

Alot of people can help and make you feel better like your Mum and Dad, Your teacher and so much more.

if you or enyone you know is getting cybebullyed you can contact kids helpline or eheadspace

Online Safety

If you don't like something you see on the web TELL mum or dad.

A smart thing to do is to HIDE your password and only tell mum or dad.

There can be some INTERESTING things on the web nut make sure you get mum and dad to cheek it before go go along and play on it.

Never ever call people NAMES on the web it could really hurt peoples feelings.

Always KEEP your name, date of birth, and your personal information safe.

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Netiquette is all about being the real person you are on the web. It is easier to hurt people when you are not talking to them face to face. Some people think it is a whole lot easier to bully people on the web when you CAN NOT see them but you know you will hurt them.

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