Welcome to Windsor, North Carolina

County Seat of Bertie County

Bertie's History

Bertie County was founded in 1722 as a Bertie Precinct but actually gained county status in 1739, and is named after James & Henry Bertie, whom were Lord Proprietors of Carolina. It is located in the coastal plain region of North Carolina. Windsor is a town inside of Bertie. The counties of Hertford, Martin, Halifax, Washington, Chowan and Northampton surround Bertie.

Getting Involved in the County's Government

Five members are elected at different times after four years of governing to be part of the Board of Commissioners. The current County Manager is Scott Sauer (pictured). The town of Windsor's manager is Allen Castelloe and the Mayor is James Hoggard.

Natural Beauty of Windsor

Bertie County's Sheriff is John Holley, pictured below.