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Online Kindergarten Round Up: W.P.S. South Elementary

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About South Elementary

South Elementary School is a Young 5s through 2nd Grade elementary school with a mission of engaging our students through daily joyful learning! Our staff of early childhood educators believe that joyful learning leads to high levels of achievement for all of our children!

We utilize school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) delivered through consistent messaging on being safe, respectful, and responsible mighty little panthers!

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What comes next?

Prior to your child starting school in the fall, we will conduct observations of incoming students (dates to be announced). At these observations we look for each child's strengths and challenges so we can properly balance our classrooms and best meet each child's placement needs.

While children are being observed, parents/guardians will meet with the principal for an overview of what to expect during the Young 5's / Kindergarten year.

Also, on the date of your child's observation you will bring the remaining required documents that we will need to have on file before your child starts school.

Click the "K Round Up Next Steps" link below for a checklist of the required documents.

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