What's New in C2

December 5th - 16th

C2 Christmas Celebration!

Every year we have the tradition of bringing all of our C2 families together to celebrate the holiday season. We were excited to have Mr. Kendall come read "The Night Before Christmas" and join us in singing Christmas Carols.

Our C2 Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Please enjoy your winter break and we look forward to seeing all our learners return January 4th, 2017!

- C2 Lead Learners

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Curriculum Corner


  • RL 2.3: Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges
  • RL 2.7: Use information gained from the illustrations and words in a print or digital text to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting, or plot.
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Letter Writing


Double and Triple Digit Addition & Subtraction with regrouping

(2.NBT.5 - 2.NBT.6 - 2.NBT.7-2.NBT.8 - 2.NBT.9 -2.OA.1 - 2.OA.2)
Add up to four two-digit numbers

Add within 1000
Use strategies to add/subtract
Mentally add/subtract 10

Explain why addition and subtraction strategies work within 100

Subtract within 1,000

*Some are moving into subtraction as kids continue to master addition

Things to try at home:

Social Studies

SS 2.2: Describe the significance of national holidays, including Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day

SS 2.4: Compare features of modern-day living to those of the past

SS 2.9 Describe rights and responsibilities of citizens of the United States.

Cursive Handwriting

Through January, we are focusing on learning the lowercase letters. We are learning them in this order:

  • The Clock Climbers: a, d, g, q, c
  • The Kite Strings: i, u, w, t, j, p, r, s, o
  • Loop Group: h, k, b, f, l, e
  • Hills & Valleys: n, m, v, y, x, z

Mrs. Davis's Family

Merry Christmas! From, the Davis learners (photos by Suzanne Williams Photography)

Davis Class Christmas Card

Moorelin Family

Miss. Whiten's Family

Mrs. Daniel's Family


Mrs. Steindorff's Family

Classroom Wish List

Throughout the year, our classes will be doing a variety of activities that will require or be enhanced by certain materials. Some families ask how they help from time to time. Below each lead learner has listed items that would be used for classroom activities and projects. Thank you!


  • Kleenex tissues



  • Mrs. Franklin's Amazon Wish List- WISH LIST!
  • Expo Markers-regular size- color :) and skinny





Dates to Remember

December 19 - January 3: Christmas Break

January 16: NO SCHOOL (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

February 14th: Davis Theatre Field Trip

Field Trip Coming February 14th

Be on the lookout for information coming once we get back from Winter Break. The field trip will be to the Davis Theatre to see "The Teacher From the Black Lagoon."

The cost:

$15 per child

$15 for chaperone if they ride the bus

$10 if they chaperone and drive themselves

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Your C2 Lead Learners