Ancient India

Ethan Woodfine


The location of ancient India is south of Asia.The Himalaya mountains is what separates Asia from India, This makes India a subcontinent.The Indus and Ganges rivers are in India along with the Indian ocean and the Arabian sea.Mt. Everest is near India which is one of the biggest mountains in the world.
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The people chose to settle here because of the Ganges and the Indus rivers, that way the soil is fertile and there is a lot of natural resources.If you lived up by the mountains and Ganges river you could get water from the Himalaya mountains when the snow melted.There were fertilized plains for growing crops.

Present Geographical Features

The geographical features that are present are there are cities that stretch from the Himalaya mountains to the Arabian sea.There are houses that are made out of mud-bricks that had flat roofs, an open courtyard, wells, and indoor bathrooms.They had garbage chutes that led to the streets.


The impact is that they had cities that had 35,000 people each.They had an open courtyard, they had pipes that took waste water out of the city walls.The houses were made out of mud-brick with flat roofs, indoor bathrooms, and an open courtyard.There was a fortress that protected them.They were farmers that grew wheat,barley,rice,peas,and cotton.

Present Resources

The resources that are present are the Indus and Ganges rivers.They have cities that have mud brick houses with a flat roof,open courtyard, indoor bathrooms, and wells.The cities had about 35,000 people each.There were streets that were wide with smaller side streets.They had wells that they could get water from.