Interior design

This profession is quite widely misunderstood these days. People have the perception that this career is simply about picking colours, working with beautiful fabrics, and working on your creative mind all day long. In reality, that is not so. It is about selling your ideas, organizing all the details in preparation for the project and then at the end of the day, making sure the client gets just what they want. You may have to negotiate with external service providers, keep accurate records of bills, make sure you meet the guidelines of your local municipalities, run to the shops again to pick up the same fabric that you ran short of, ensure the frames are hanging where they are supposed to and lastly, make all these tasks seem absolutely effortless and stress free.

With interior design courses, there are several different fields that you can choose and specialize in. Either you could practice commercial interior design or you could be a residential interior designer who designs beautiful homes. With the former, you have a wide range of offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, malls and so on to design. Furthermore, within each of these categories, you could either be leading a design projects or be working with a number of interior architects to achieve one final goal. You could also be a marketer for several products or be an owner of a textile showroom, a design firm, a carpet layer, and the options are endless.

As owners of interior design qualifications, designers must possess technical, interpersonal and management skills in order to be successful in their field of business. Knowing how to plan a space and present in to a client is of utmost importance, while the knowledge do products and materials used to create the space is also required. Giving a space its own appeal by using colours, lighting, and texture and so on is also something that interior architects must be familiar with.

Interior design courses are fun for creative people. It gives them the satisfaction of decorating a commercial or residential area with their personal touch. This area of study is extremely wide because there are a lot of aspects to learn and keep you updated with. Every year trends keep changing and you have to be aware of which colours are in and which are out, which patterns will be trendier, and so on. So if you are keen on involving yourself in this wonderful and exciting career, go ahead and enrol yourself in one of the many interior design courses available.