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A Few More Questions Answered...

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Some amazing student work is already happening...

Distance Learning has been good for our Graphic Design Students. The students are working on basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator. The objective was to use the shape tools, pathfinder and gradient to create some basic compound shapes. In order for the students to demonstrate comprehension they needed to add or create something that was above and beyond the basic shapes.

A quick "Hello" from our new Mental Health Specialist, Christina Sun

Hi Patriots! My name is Christina Sun and I am the new on-site Education Related Mental Health Specialist at Beckman. I am so happy to be in Tustin and excited to meet you all. I have a rescue dog, who is a snack-eating champion, and I am a proud USC graduate (Fight On!).

I am here to provide that next level of support for students who are having trouble managing their school work as a result of social and emotional struggles. I will also be conducting and contributing to parent and student workshops and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons on mental health-related topics throughout the school year. I am here five days a week (M-F) from 7:30am to 4:30pm, and my office is located across from Ms. Munoz’s desk. Please see your counselor for more information if you are interested in meeting with me.

PTO Corner

As Beckman welcomes students back to classrooms, we sincerely and gratefully thank our membership for their support! Beckman PTO brings community together, and that starts with building a community that is open to all. For instance, both Pioneer and Orchard Hills PTO Presidents attended this month’s virtual PTO meeting. We welcome everyone.

If you have not yet joined PTO, there’s still time! We offer various membership options, and it only takes moments – plus a few easy steps—to join online If you prefer a traditional form, simply print (link) and mail it back. All donations are voluntary and greatly appreciated!

Corporate matching gift programs help PTO funding reach further! If you work for a company that matches charitable donations to non-profit groups like Beckman PTO, we encourage you to ask and explore. You can learn more about how this program supports us here (link 1, link 2).

Again, thanks for your support of Beckman PTO. We also appreciate our returning community partners, Zov’s Restaurants and Teen Road to Safety.

What can I do if I am not getting Aeries emails?

Here are some quick tips!

1. Aeries will send messages to the email associated as the student's primary caregivers. Simply navigate to the 'Contacts' screen which can be found under “Student Info” .

2. Check that there is a contact listed for Mother, Father, or Parent/Guardian and includes an email address for that contact.

3. Once there is an email associated with a Mother, Father, or Parent/Guardian you can click the pencil icon to adjust portal access and notification types you will receive.

4. To make sure you are receiving messages, please make sure that you opt to receive both General and Emergency Announcements.

If you have checked these steps listed, you should be in the loop, and receiving all communiques involving happenings on campus!

Identifying Your Child's Hybrid Group

When we transition to the Hybrid learning model, students will be in one of 3 groups:
1) DL - Online learning only
2) O1 - Hybrid, on campus Mondays and Thursdays
3) O2 - Hybrid, on campus Tuesdays and Fridays

Log into Aeries and navigate to the "Student Info" tab. Under "Student Info" tab click on "Demographics."

Once in the Demographics screen, on the bottom right of the screen, there will be a field titled “Hybrid/DL.”

The Hybrid group will be noted there.

Below are some of the commonly asked safety/reopening related questions.

Q: Are masks mandatory?

A: YES! Masks will be mandatory at all times with the one exception being when students are outside on break and 6 ft apart from one another. Masks must be cloth and adhere to CDC recommendations. Unfortunately, gaiters and face shields are not acceptable forms of face coverings. Please see the document below for more detailed information.

Q: Will temperatures be taken?

A: Temperatures will only be taken during 0 and first period. Wall mounted thermometers are in every classroom and students will be able to take temperatures as they enter the classroom.

Q: How will drop off and pick up work?

A: We are asking that all 9th and 10th grade students be dropped off and enter school through the back parking lot off of El Camino Real. Students who are in 11th and 12th grade will be dropped off in the front parking lot off of Bryan and enter from the front gate. If students arrive in mixed grade level groups, they may enter through the front parking lot and utilize the front gate.

Q: Parking Permits?

A: Parking permits will not be required to park on campus for the first semester. As we move closer to second semester, we will reevaluate our parking lot and make a determination for the remainder of the year.

Q: How many students will be on campus at any one time?

A: Our current numbers show that roughly 950 students will be on campus in each of the hybrid days. Roughly one third of our student body has elected to remain in distance learning while the remaining two thirds, who will be on campus, have been split into equal groups who will attend on Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays.

Q: How will passing period work?

A: Students will have 10 minutes to transition between classes. All foot traffic will move in a counterclockwise direction. This will help limit the number of contacts students have with each other. Arrows have been placed throughout campus to note traffic flow patterns in specific areas.

Q: How will student nutrition break work?

A: Break will be split into two groups. Half of the campus (roughly 475 students) will be out from 9:00 to 9:15 while the other half will be out from 9:35 - 9:50. This will help limit exposure potential large student gatherings.

Q: What if I need to drop off an item to my child (money, clothes, etc.)?

A: Dropping off of items will not be allowed as the additional unnecessary contact with staff members presents a safety issue. Lunch drop off for "forgetful students" will no longer be necessary because lunch is after the school day has ended.

Q: How will lunch work?

A: Lunch will be at teh end of the day AFTER all classes have completed. To limit the congregation of students on campus, and reduce potential COVID risks, students will be asked to leave campus and eat lunch off-site. Students who would typically buy lunch on campus will have the option to "grab-and-go."

Q: What if I've got additional safety related questions?

A: Every school has created an "Attestation Plan" that contains detailed information on how the schools are planning to address COVID related items such as cleaning and sensitization. Below is a link to the attestation plan created by Beckman High School.

Beckman Beat - Episode 1

Beckman Beat 9/16/20
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