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Things to do in the southeast

There is lots of things to do in the southeast like going hunting and fishing those are the favorite things to do.

Southeast animals

the southeast t animals are the crocodile moths snakes deers and more

Population and capitals

Alabama 4,062,608 Capital Montgomery
Arkansas 2,362,239 Capital Little rock
Florida 9,746,421 Capital Tallahassee
Georgia 6,508,819 Capital Atlanta
Kentucky 3,698,969 Capital Frankfort
Louisiana 4,238,216 Capital Baton Rouge
Mississippi 2,520,613 Capital Jackson
North Carolina 5,881,813 Capital Raleigh
South Carolina 3,122,814 Capital Columbia
Tennessee 4,591,120 Capital Nashville
Virgina 5,346,797 Capital Richmond
West Virginia 1,855,413 Capital Charleston

Major Landforms

These are some of the Major landforms of the southeast Great Smokey Mountains
Appalachian Mountains
Coastal plain
Big Cypress Swamp
Blue Ridge Mountains


The Area is a very good for tobacco. Alabama, Kentucky , Tennessee are covered of plains in the southeast. Around 51 billion people live in the southeast that's a lot of people. Southeast has a very cool climate it depends it can be hot or cold. Place to visit in South Carolina is Hilton Head it has a beach there and palm trees. There is many people would go there for a vacation. South Carolina is the 24th popular in the United States
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