World Languages Update

October 2, 2015

THANK YOU ALL for your teamwork and your tenacity since school started. We all have many things on our plate to tackle in our classrooms, at our sites, and as a district team. I am grateful for the level of collegiality you provide each other as we move forward.
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The Values and Benefits of AP (Advanced Placement)

As we keep in mind the expectation and responsibility we have to prepare students to take the AP exam and do well, I ask you to take a few minutes to view the two short videos regarding AP and reflect. I highly recommend you share them with your students, especially those in Level 4 & AP Spanish.

**In the settings of the video, you can add subtitles and adjust those subtitles to translate to English if necessary**

beneficios de AP para estudiantes latinos

Importancia de AP para estudiantes latinos


What connections do you make to the messages presented?

How do your students identify with the messages presented?

Seeking: Level 1 French Class and Level 1 Spanish Class to Pilot LinguaFolio Online

Want students to take control and be self-directed learners, using CAN DO statements to track progress on goals in Language Acquisition? This is a great leadership and learning opportunity for you, and for students to reflect on their language goals using the mobile iPad app. Remember, Setting Clear Objectives (I CANs) is a high-leverage practice for us in World Languages.

I am seeking one Level 1 French class and one Level 1 Spanish class to pilot LinguaFolio Online this year.

View the short video below for more info.

Contact me if interested-First come, first served.

LinguaFolio Online

AAPPL: What kind of information does the score report reveal?

Selected level 1 Spanish and level 1 French students are taking or wrapping up the Fall AAPPL assessment in F2F middle and high schools. Take a look at the document below to learn more about the information for teachers on what the score report tells us.

What information/data from AAPPL might be helpful to you for future planning?

2015 Holiday Folk Fair International

Friday, Nov. 20th, 12pm to Sunday, Nov. 22nd, 4pm

640 South 84th Street

West Allis, WI

The annual Folk Fair is coming up November 20-22. Last year, some sites bussed students to the event. Let us know if you will attend again. More information will be available on their website in early November.