Canada 2040

By Gurvir Singh The Great

What to Expect

In this smore we will be talking about the immigrations and the birth rate and the death rate and natural increase rate of Canada will be in 2040 and now. Also we will be talking about the immigrates that come to Canada and emigrants that leave Canada and we will talk about the push factor and pull factor.

Canada 2040

The population going to be about 43.041.000 in 2040 including immigrants and the population is also increasing by the numbers of baby's being born (birth rate) and decreasing by number of people dying (death rate) and it also increases when people come to Canada (its called immigrates and decreases when people leave the Canada ( its called emigrants)
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Birth rate

The birth rate is going be a lot in 2040, right now the birth rate is 10.29 So the birth rate will be about 9.40 in 2040 and there is 11.2 births per 1000 people in 2014.
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Death rate

The death rate of Canada is 8.31 and the death will be lot in the future. The death rate will be about 11.95 and there is 7.2 deaths per 1000 people.
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Natural increase rate

To find the Natural Increase Rate you have to minus the birth rate and the death rate to get the Natural Increase Rate for Canada. Right Now the Natural increase rate of Canada is 4/4%.

Immigration and Emigrants

There is 245,275 immigrates and there is 42,924 emigrates in Canada right now. There is 7.3 immigrates per 1000 people and 1.3 emigrates per 1000 people. There is going to be alot of immigrates that are going to come to Canada and less people that are going to leave the Canada.
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Transforming Canada's Immigration System

Net Migration Rate

The Net Migration of Canada is 6 or 0.6% per 1000 people. To find the Net Migration Rate you have to minus immigration rate and the emigration rate and then you get the net migration rate.

Push Factor And Pull Factor

People sometimes have to leave their old house because of the bad services and there is not enough jobs and less job opportunities for them and there is alot of bad security for them and bad education for their children. Pull Factor is that the country and city make the person want to stay there because it has all the things it need, such as more jobs ad more shelter and that city full fills all your needs.


This are the changes that will happen in 2040 from now and these will affect the population.