Regina Jr Sr High Newsletter

September 2021

From the Principal

Dear Regina Community,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! We already have a little more than a week under our belts and it has been great to see students back in the halls after a few months off.

Homecoming comes early this year. It is the week of September 12. We are still working on a schedule, including dress up days. Those plans will be shared once they are finalized.

This month's newsletter includes:

  • COVID Guidance
  • Back to School Night Information
  • Monthly Adoration Information
  • SEL Time Information

Each September we celebrate Labor Day. The past year and a half gives us reason to celebrate all of those who have provided their service to keep our communities running and safe. From the teachers to the health care workers and the police officers to the grocery store employees, we have depended on each other through this pandemic. The following Labor Day Prayer speaks to us working as one for the "dignity of all." The need for that to occur has become quite clear during the past year and a half.

Labor Day Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer

God our Creator,

we are the work of your hands.

Guide us in our work,

that we may do it, not for self alone,

but for the common good.

Make us alert to injustice,

ready to stand in solidarity,

that there may be dignity for all

in labor and in labor's reward.

Grant this though Christ our Lord. Amen.

Yours in Christ,

Glenn Plummer

Upcoming Events

Sept. 1: 7-12 Mass (2:15), 7-12 Back to School Night (6:30-8:00)

Sept. 2: 7-12 Volleyball @ Wilton (4:15), Varsity Cross Country @ IC Kickers (5:00)

Sept. 3: K-12 Adoration in the Chapel (8:15-3:15), Varsity Football @ West Liberty (7:00)

Sept. 6: Labor Day - No School, F/S Football @ West Liberty (6:00)

Sept. 7: JH/HS Cross Country @ Tipton (4:00), F/S Volleyball @ Wilton (4:00)

Sept. 8: 7-12 Mass (2:15), Booster Meeting @ HS Library (6:00)

Sept. 9: JH Football vs. West Branch (4:15), JH Cross Country (4:30), 7-12 Volleyball (4:15)

Sept. 10: Varsity Football @ Mid-Prairie (7:00)

Sept. 11: Varsity Cross Country @ Luther College (9:25)

Homecoming Week

Sept. 13: F/S Football @ Mid-Prairie (6:00)

Sept. 14: 7-12 Volleyball vs. West Branch (4:15)

Sept. 15: 7-12 Mass (2:15)

Sept. 16: JH Football @ Wilton (4:15), 7-12 Volleyball vs. Anamosa (4:15), Varsity Cross Country @ Cascade (4:30)

Sept. 17: Varsity Football vs. Mediapolis (7:00)

Sept. 18: Varsity Volleyball @ Marion, JH Cross Country @ Solon (8:00), Homecoming Dance (7:00)

Sept. 20: F/S Volleyball @ Wilton (4:00), F/S Football vs. Mediapolis (6:00)

Sept. 21: JH Football @ Anamosa (4:15), 7-12 Volleyball @ Tipton (4:15)

Sept. 22: 7-12 Mass (2:15)

Sept. 23: JH Football vs. west Liberty (4:15), 7-12 Volleyball vs. West Liberty (4:15), Varsity Cross Country @ Cedar Rapids (4:20)

Sept. 24: Varsity Football @ Wilton (7:00)

Sept. 25: Varsity Volleyball @ North Cedar

Sept. 27: F/S Football @ Wilton (6:00)

Sept. 28: JH Football @ Tipton (4:15), 7-12 Volleyball @ Mid-Prairie (4:15), Varsity Cross Country @ Kickers (4:30), Regina Board of Education Meeting (6:30)

Sept. 29: 7-12 Mass (2:15)

Sept. 30: JH Cross Country @ City High (4:30)

Oct. 1: K-12 Adoration (8:15-3:15), Varsity Football @ Louisa-Muscatine (7:00)

Oct. 2: Varsity Cross Country @ Wartburg (11:00)

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COVID Guidance

Please go to for updated information on COVID-19. We continue to follow CDC guidance that stresses the importance of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination and the wearing of masks, regardless of vaccination status. It takes all of us working together to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and keep each other safe.

Monthly Adoration

Adults are welcome to participate in Eucharistic Adoration on the first Friday of each month in the Chapel. The following link will take you to Sign Up Genius where you may sign up to participate in the Adoration.

SEL Time

We have seen an increased need to incorporate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in our school over the past few years. The pandemic has increased that need. This year, through the great efforts of Mrs. Zoulek, Regina Catholic Education Center has made a concerted effort to meet our students' SEL needs. We have dedicated 30 minutes each Monday to SEL Time. We are utilizing the Character Strong curriculum during this time. Each student will meet with a small group of their peers and a teacher during this time to discuss topics including empathy, leadership, teamwork, and regulation. More information on the program can be found at
How to raise kids who can overcome anxiety

B.I.G. Athletics

Mr. Hotek has done some tremendous work in arranging an exclusive purchasing agreement for all equipment, apparel, and uniforms with B.I.G. Athletics. Mr. Hotek said, "This agreement will streamline the purchasing process, enhance our branding, and give us unrivaled discounts."

Regina Spirit Days

We will have Regina Spirit days throughout the year. The dates below will be Regina Spirit Days.

Students are allowed to wear Regina Activities, Club, or other Regina clothing on these days. Bottoms can be jeans or any dress code bottom. (No sweatpants, yoga pants, or athletic shorts.)

August 27

September 3

September 17 - Homecoming

October 8

October 22

November 12

December 3

December 17

January 7

January 21

February 4 - Catholic Schools Week

February 18

March 4

March 25

April 8

April 29

May 6

May 20