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Indicator X

Are you not getting the results you want from your current indicator? Is your indicator full of harmful chemicals and byproducts? Look no further, Frye Chemicals brings you Indicator X, a non-toxic indicator that gives you fast results. Indicator X is non-toxic and safe for all ages and all projects. You can use this indicator in a lab, a school, or in your own home
The video shows the power of Indicator X. It can tell you the ph of any substance from a strong base like ammonia to a weak acid like alka seltzer.

How to use Indicator X

Add a solution or substance to a beaker of Indicator X. The pinker/redder the solution, the more acidic it is whereas the greener/darker the solution became, the more basic.

Indicator X Scale

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Vinegar contains acetic acid, which caused the indicator to become hot pink
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Water is neither acidic or basic, it is neutral. So, it did not have an affect of the indicator
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Ammonia is a basic solution, which caused the indicator to turn a murky green
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The Super Juicer 2000

Using the Super Juicer 2000, we are able to make indicator 5 times faster than our competitors. Also, it's advanced filtering system makes sure no harmful substances are in the final product.
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Our indicator comes in many sizes including 16 and 34 ounces. So, whether you are dealing with a class of 36 kids or a household of 2 toddlers, Indicator X has the perfect size for you.
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Frye Chemical Inc.

Here at Frye Chemical inc., we dedicate our time to producing non-toxic chemicals, indicators, and solutions that suit all your chemical needs. Founded in 2016, under Brandon Frye, Frye Chemical Inc. has already surpassed many big brand indicators and chemicals, including Main Street Indicator, Chem Tech Industries, and Cassie & Co. Our mission is to help you succeed.

ICCBS 2016 3rd International Conference on Chemical and Biological Sciences

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2:15pm

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, NH

Join us at the 2016 3rd International Conference on Chemical and Biological Sciences as why demonstrate the power of Frye Chemicals and show the process of making Indicator X. We will be on the main stage at 2:15 pm.We will also answer your questions and concerns.