October 1, 2020


Dear Academy Families and Supporters,

On September 1st we opened our doors to our students with unwavering confidence in the reopening plan that was developed specifically for The Academy of St. Bartholomew. It is with confidence that I write to you today to say how incredibly thankful I am to our Pastor, Father Len. families, faculty, support staff and our "amazing" maintenance and custodial staff. It is through the dedication and hard work of so many people that we have created a successful school year.

The Academy of St. Bart's is a faith driven community and it is through our devotion and love to Jesus Christ that we are blessed each and every day with HIs Grace and His Strength to raise us up to be faithful servants to one another and to Our Lord, Jesus Christ and His Church. I would like to share with you some of the many blessings that have been showered upon The Academy of St. Bartholomew.


1. We have an exceptional faculty of new teachers who are bringing faith, energy and exemplary educational excellence to our classrooms. Our students are overjoyed to be back in the classroom learning and playing with their classmates. Our halls are decorated with their work and each and every day I hear the sweet sound of laughter and pure joy that only children can express.

2. We have redesigned our computer lab as a MAC Lab. We have also purchased a 3D printer and have hired a technology coordinator who has taken our technology lab to the next level. Our students are being exposed to critical thinking and development skills which will catapult them to the next level so that they are prepared to participate in a 21st century world that is ever changing.

3. Beginning in 2021, our students will participate in a stewardship program entitled Step by Step Stewardship. Students will become aware of their blessings and gifts from God and they will become aware of the needs in our community and become engaged in serving and learning about those in need with hands-on experiences.

4. We have made many changes to our daily procedures so that we can ensure that we are doing our best to provide the safest learning environment for your child (ren). As a matter of fact, we have been inspected by the Cuyahoga County Health Department and the inspector states that we are doing, "an excellent job". The health inspector reviewed all aspects of our protocols for lunches, recess, classroom, restroom, etc and I am pleased to announce that we are doing an exceptional job at safety. I want to personally thank Stefan Osif and A.J. Ramirez for their unwavering service to our Academy and the creation of superb safety protocols.

5. Our enrollment is something that God has truly blessed. We do not have a full time enrollment and or marketing director as some schools do. Our administrative team consists of myself and Amy Breudigam. All summer, Amy and I each conducted numerous tours and tirelessly marketed the surrounding community, I am very thankful for the many new families that have chosen St. Bart's as their home. Our new families are a blessing to us and together we are building an extra-ordinary school community.

Let me share enrollment numbers:

2019-2020- Kindergarten - 8th grade- 112 students

2020-2021- Kindergarten- 8th grade- 154 students

2019-2020- Preschool - 12

2020-2021- Preschool- 19

2020-2021- Total Enrollment- Preschool- 8th grade - 173

6. We applied and are an official Jon Peterson School, Edchoice and Edchoice Expansion School.

7. We have added a full time Intervention Specialist to complement our very own, Mrs. Vitanza so that all of our learners excel at St. Bart's

8. We have implemented a Middle School Honors and Regular track for Literature and Mathematics.

9. Our preschool program under the direction of the talented, Mrs. Stanzeski has implemented our "Outdoor Preschool Pilot" .

10. Grades 5-8 are participating in an online, interactive, brand new, 21st century social studies curriculum that is facilitated by Mr. Andrew Joyce. Our students love the new learning module.

There are many more blessings that are happening each and every day at The Academy of St. Bart's. We are rooted in our Catholic faith and we strive each and every day to do our very best to serve our students. I am thankful to God for the blessings that He has showered upon The Academy of St. Bartholomew and I look forward to the remainder of this school year and years to come.

God Bless You,

Chrystal L. Manos


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Our students are still in the process of completing MAP testing. MAP stands for Measures of Annual Progress. Our students will participate in these tests, three times during the course of the year, Fall, Winter and Spring. During Parent Teacher Conferences on October 21 and 22 your teacher will provide you an overview on how to interpret these test results. There are links included in this newsletter as well.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be scheduled utilizing "Sign-up Genius" We will be sending a link to all our families at the end of the week. Our Parent-Teacher Conferences will be VIRTUAL.

More information will be forthcoming.

Conference Time Frame

October 21- 2:45-6:30 pm

October 22- 2:45-7:00 pm


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Calendar Check

October 9- PD for Faculty- No school for students.

October 21-22- Parent Teacher Conferences

October 23- No School

October 30- End of First Quarter