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English 9 paneda's Sping 2015

1. Journal Reflection

I belive that my best journal was when my class talked about what we did over winter break. I had a excellent time over that break. This was a good topic because it was alot i wrote about because I had alot of fun that whole break. The topic related to me well because I knew what i was going to wright about.

2. Short Essay The sound of thunder

I would not go back into time beacuse if you mess anything up you will most likely mess up the present or the future. If any said they would go back in time they would have to be very careful because the littlest thing can change the whole world when you get back to the present. i don't think you can go back in time but if you could they might charge you to go like they did in The sound of thunder. Only rich people would go back in time just becuase they can say they did.