Learning with the LMC

August 2012

Important Notes

Changes and events you should know about:

* Resources for DISCUS: South Carolina's Online Library have changed! Please take a look at it.

* BrainPopJr should now be accessed through DISCUS

*Regular BrainPop is still a district resource and can be accessed from Destiny

* AR and STAR are now ready to use

* The Hot Air News will begin on Sept. 4th- make sure you can log into VBrick

* The LMC checked out over 47,000 books last year!

* My job title has been modified by the district- I am now a Teacher Librarian :)

New Discus Databases!

Three awesome resources are now available through DISCUS, South Carolina's Information Place - linked on Destiny or go to http://scdiscus.org/discus-kids.

NoveList K-8 Plus

Need reading recommendations? Use NoveList to find great fiction and nonfiction books including read-alikes, series, curriculum-based book lists, picture book extenders, discussion guides, and award winners. This video tutorial can help you get started - http://tinyurl.com/9yjusa8.

BrainPOP Jr.

Perfect for grades K-2, BrainPOP Jr. offers animated, curriculum-based content including short instructional movies, interactive games, and activities. Teachers, don't forget to enable closed-captioning to help our readers.


Searchasaurus has replaced SIRS Discoverer. Search for a topic and find kid-friendly encyclopedia articles, dictionary entries, pictures, and maps. Perfect for research!

What you should know about the LMC

You may already know this, but some reminders about our program:

* I don't own the library- everyone at Belle Hall has a stake. Please let us know what your needs

are so we can serve you better.

* The library should be considered an "intellectual gymnasium" where active learning is the

key. Students should be here with a specific purpose for using our resources. Please don't

send them just to send them somewhere else. :)

* It helps to send no more than 4 students at a time- we are often very busy and it is hard to

help everyone when more than that come. Please see us if you have other specific needs.

Advanced planning with me really helps me have the best lessons for your students. You have all been great working with me on our plan for the year. I will check with team leaders about getting together to tweak this year's plan.

The mission of the Belle Hall LMC

The mission of the Belle Hall Media Center is to create lifelong readers who embrace the joy of reading and are innovative thinkers who can confidently navigate the ever-changing world of information by providing a supportive environment that promotes imagination, inquiry, effective use of resources, responsible use of information, and lifelong learning.