Types of Government

By: Karl Armbrust and Beoung Sun Han


Communism is a theory when the government controls the power for the people. After the government organizes and controls everything, it will distribute its wealth with everyone equally. Communism is a political and economic system.

Communism can relate to a family consisting of a mother, father, and child. The parents will gain all power and decide everything for the child just like a government following the communism principles.

Direct Democracy

In a direct democracy, the people have the power to vote on everything. The government exists in order to organize what the people believe. For example, Switzerland has the closet government to a direct democracy.

When a family decides to get a dog, everybody in the family will get to decide which one he or she wants.

Representative Democracy

In a representative democracy, the people have the power to vote but instead they elect a representative in order to express the peoples' decision. This way can save time for the common people and the government only has to organize a small number of representatives. An example of this type of government is The United States.

Whenever the child gets in trouble or goes to the principal's office, the parents represent the child and expresses the child's opinion and belief.


Theocracy is a government when the religion determines what to do. The religious leader controls the government by following the religion's principles. An example of a theocracy is Vatican City where the Pope controls the people of the Catholic religion.

When your Family goes to Church the religious leaders decide what to speak about.


The government in a monarchy is ruled by a King or Queen. The king and queen are determined by the royal family who received a blessing from the Gods. An example is Great Britain where the Queen is the monarch.

In a family, the mother or father would be the king or queen in a family.


A government is ruled by one person or dictator. The dictator has absolute power over the people and determines what they do. An example is the 3rd Reich

Your father can take absolute power in a family and make your family a Fascist government