Property Management in SW Florida

HomeQwest Realty Group, LLC

How much are you currently paying for your property manager per day?

This is a very important number you need figure out when searching for a property manager. Most Landlords focus on the monthly percentage rate, but when you read your contract you’ll find a lot more fees that apply scattered throughout the contact. These fees add up which increase that monthly percentage substantially. Not to mention the additional 30% - 40% mark-up on maintenance work that’s done.

HomeQwest Realty Group has created a concept that is simple. Our fee is an all-inclusive $4 per day.

No More, No Less.

If you've received a postcard from us, our advertised management quote says $4 per day. For a limited time ONLY, we're charging $2 per day for our management services. Everything is included. This fee structure eliminates the mounting fees other management firms scatter throughout their contracts. You know the term 'nickel and dime'. Well there's a lot more dimes than nickels in their contract and HomeQwest Realty Group is setting the standard for pricing.

We dare another property management firm match our offer! If you find one, let us know.

But hey, if you’re happy with overpaying for management services then by all means continue to overpay.

Your inventory needs to be managed full-time the proper way and the most cost effective way. HomeQwest Realty Group has the man-power and tools to do so. That is how confident we are about our company and our clients.

What do we need to do to help you become one?

HomeQwest Realty Group, LLC was established in October of 2014 as an investment real estate brokerage and management firm with a strong focus in turn around management; taking problem and undervalued properties and increasing value. Their goal is to develop a long term plan of action to reduce operating costs, increase occupancy and create increased value to the properties they manage.