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March Newsletter

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March 2nd ~ Senior Quotes & Baby Pictures were due

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March 6 - Prom Packets due to Mrs. Armstrong

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March 6th ~ Powder Puff Football Game @ 2:20 pm

March 9th - 13th ~ Spring Break

April 3rd ~ Prom

April 8th ~ Daisy Chain

April 10-13 ~ Easter Break

May 4th - 7th ~ Senior Exams

May 10th ~ Baccalaureate

May 13th ~ Graduation Practice ( Tentative )

May 15th ~ GRADUATION!

From the Principal's Desk!

Over the past month, we have heard much about the spread of the novel coronavirus in the United States and around the world. Although the likelihood of this virus spreading to our community remains low, we have taken precautionary measures to lessen its impact should it arrive. Some of these measures include providing hand sanitizer to all students as they enter the classroom, wiping down desk surfaces as well as doorknobs, and encouraging students not to shake hands or come in close contact with their classmates. We have also encouraged students to avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth, and to stay at home if they are feeling sick. As was reported, the medical experts have stated many times that the flu virus causes a much greater risk to the world's population than this strand of the coronavirus. Our school will continue these risk reduction efforts, as well as our prayers, until this situation is under control.

Friday, March 6, 2020, will mark the end of our third nine-weeks grading period. Because teachers will be administering tests on this day, we have made the decision to wait until March 16th to open access to our report card portal in RenWeb.


Mr. Lemoine

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New Faces - Alma Kent

Mrs. Kent is the newest member of our staff. She grew up in St. Helena Parish. Mrs. Kent used to teach at Silliman from 1990-1999. She worked at West Feliciana where she retired last May. Mrs. Kent is not quite ready to be retired so she has decided to come back and teach at Silliman. Both of her children graduated from Silliman. "I love to work and want to give back to Silliman," said Mrs. Kent. Silliman is glad to have her return. - Tyler Archuleta and Justin Pace

In the Classroom

Mardi Gras

The Kindergarten class put on a great parade for the Silliman student body. All students were allowed to cheer on the creative floats in the annual Kindergarten Mardi Gras parade. The students started out with a short performance and then loaded into their floats and threw candy, beads, and toys. It was a wonderful time and was a great way to celebrate the Mardi Gras season. - Gracie Halbrook

Valentine's Day

The elementary students of Silliman had a fun time celebrating Valentine's Day. Some classes worked on crafts, some had parties, and others exchanged cards and candy. It truly was a sweet time of fellowship and fun. - Kendall Milton

Pre-K4 Learning

The Pre-K4 students have been learning about geography and science this month. The students learned about the State of Louisiana and drew a state map. They displayed their artwork and discussed the attributes of the State of Louisiana. They also learned about the water cycle and how it affects the weather. These young learners are very proud of their work! - Connor McKnight

I "Heart" A&P

During their study of the cardiovascular system, Mrs. Meek's Anatomy and Physiology classes performed cow heart dissections to explore the anatomy of the heart and the circulation of the blood. The students learned a lot more with the hands-on opportunity. A special thanks to Cutrer's Meat Market for their donation of the hearts! - T. Meek

Belgium Connections

On Tuesday, February 18, the students in French I and II and 9th grade World Geography had the privilege of hosting Mr. Brian Bonin and his son, Josiah, who shared their experiences as residents of Belgium. The Bonins, who are originally from New Iberia, are missionaries in Belgium and are currently in Louisiana on furlough. Mr. Bonin and his wife taught Silliman’s own Mrs. Jennifer Gayle, who was able to arrange for them to visit with our students. Both the Bonin parents are fluent in French, one of the official languages of Belgium, and their 14-year-old son Josiah was born in Belgium and is bi-lingual. The Bonins shared photos and talked about their experiences in Belgium, speaking back and forth in French and English, giving Silliman students the opportunity to test their listening and speaking skills. Silliman students seemed particularly interested in the Belgian custom of serving twice-fried French fries with mayonnaise. They also enjoyed the Belgian chocolate that the Bonins brought them. Thank you, Mrs. Jennifer, for making it possible for our students to have this wonderful experience. - S. Andress

Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

Students in Mrs. Karen Armstrong's class not only learned about Shakespeare's play Romeo & Juliet, but they put their drama skills into action. Each student played the part of Romeo or Juliet and performed the famous balcony scene. After watching the 9th graders perform, we learned we have lots of drama at Silliman. - Melodie Wolfe

The Plant Cycle

Mrs. Cornette's seventh grade life science class had the choice to create a 3-D model of the flower, a 2-D model of the leaf structure or a power on the different types of seed plants. The projects were used to review their chapter on plants. - C. Cornette


A special thank you for all who participated and donated for the 2020 Baseball Auction. The auction was a great success! The Silliman Wildcats are off to a hot start at 4-0. Their last win came against the Pioneers of Parklane Academy. Silliman was led by Brock Berthelot on the mound who threw a complete game, only giving up 2 runs. At the plate, Silliman was led by Jack Jackson, Brock Berthelot, and Justin Pace who all combined for 7 RBI's. The Wildcats 10-run-ruled Parklane in the 5th inning to add the 4th win to their undefeated season. Go Wildcats! - J. Pace


The Silliman tennis team has been working really hard this year, preparing for their first tennis match. We are looking forward to a competitive and exciting season.- Jillian Stinger


Congratulations to the Silliman Kaper Kittens for placing 3rd at the American All Star National Dance Competition in Orlando, FL. The varsity dance team traveled to Orlando, Florida on February 27 to compete in the United States Dance/Drill Team Championship. They placed 3rd in High Kick Division 1. Great Job! - Nicole Guerin

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