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  • Interactive Budget Site
  • Academic & Student Well Being Recovery Plan
  • Camas Connect Academy: Meeting Recording and Interest Form

Board Highlights (just the facts)

Superintendent's Report

Superintendent Jeff Snell shared resources we have on our website that are rich in data. He highlighted our Budget site that includes current and historical enrollment, revenue, expenditures, and much more. There is even an interactive data mining tool that allows visitors to explore the full budget and actual expenditure data for the past five years.

Snell updated the board on fall planning where there will be full-time, in-person and remote learning options. Last week, there was a family information session on the Camas Connect Academy and a survey was sent to current remote learning students to help assess their interest in the program next year. More information about the remote learning option for the next school year can be found below.

Snell also discussed the recently passed Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5044 that requires training for staff in equity, inclusion, and culture/racial awareness. “We have had some questions about this bill so I wanted to make sure the board understands that the bill does not apply to students. It is focused on staff training.” Staff training is an important part of supporting each of our students. Our staff training plan for next year will be in compliance with the new legislation.

Academic & Student Well Being Recovery Plan

Assistant Superintendent Lisa Greseth presented our Academic & Student Well Being Recovery Plan to the Board for approval. This plan highlights key information and action steps to support our students, families, and staff as we address the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a requirement in response to two laws, one federal and one state, that connect planning for academic and student well-being recovery to eligibility to receive federal funds.

Mill Town Pride

Doug Quinn

Doug has served on the Camas School Board for sixteen years including several terms as President. He is currently a member of the Downtown Camas Association Board of Directors and has also taken a lead role in the Light Brigade. As a member of the Light Brigade, he acquired and coordinated a grant to DCA that paid for the upgrade to Camas’ downtown roofline lighting. Doug has also been a volunteer for Camas Days for several years, including as an announcer for the parade and bathtub races.

Doug’s long commitment to the City of Camas, including his former role as Public Works Director, has been invaluable to the organizations he serves. He has a unique understanding of Camas programs and local government operations. The Camas school system and the community have benefited greatly from his work and volunteer spirit. Congratulations!

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Budget Report

Business Services Director Jasen McEathron shared the April Budget Status Report noting State stabilization and idling expenditure trends are closing our expected deficit gap. “As the distribution of stabilization funds is realized, we expect our financial outcome for 2020-21 to improve,” stated McEathron.

Would you like to see more? Agendas, supporting documents, minutes, and written public comments are posted here. View recordings of this and past board meetings on the CSD School Board YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/camassb.

Around Town

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CCA recording

Would you like to learn more about our remote option for students next fall? CCA recently hosted an Open House (recording here) and launched its new website. If you think your student will benefit from remote learning in the fall, let us know by completing this form.

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CSD Wellness Lab

In May, Jennifer McMillan, CSD's Social-Emotional Wellness Liaison,

interviews Behavior Intervention Teacher and Author Heather McClelland.

Listen to this past podcasts:


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Virtual Parent Workshop: Transitioning to High School

Please join Camas School District's Social-Emotional Wellness Coordinator Jennifer McMillan as she gives practical guidance on how to help your child navigate the transition to high school. Don't miss it!

This Zoom meeting will be recorded and posted on our website for those unable to participate.

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