Vote For Katherine Kepper!

By: Katie Kepper

What are Her Plans for Spending and Debt?

  • I plan on Saving money and not spending it on new equipment
  • The natives I will make peace with them and they will be our companions through battle
  • The military will have to sign a contract to where they will have to stay in the military for 10 years without any discipline problems so that you know they are being serious about serving our country.If the disobey these rules they will have to be banned from the country for 3 months and they can comeback and they will have to serve for 1 year without any other discipline problems and then they can retire from the army
  • We will have a council meeting with mexico and we will announce our separation and if it resolves into not having peace we will come again on a different response. Mexico we wont team up and become part of mexico, but we will try to bury the hatchet and work together and resolve peace with one another.
  • I support the annexation between Texas and the united states because we will be bigger in numbers and we wont be conflicted with each other we will remain one true unity.
  • I do not support slavery in Texas because the slaves have a life to not minding about their color. I don't even except the word slaves because they are one of us if you don't think so , don't come.