Kindergarten News

February 24, 2017

Word Work

We played a new game!! It is called "I am going to California and I am taking _______." Students had to generate a word with the /c/, /k/ sound. (For example, I am going to California and I am taking candy.)
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Writing Workshop

As writers we can add to our How To books to help the readers.

Reading Workshop

As readers we can use letter sound knowledge to help us read.

Shared Reading

We are noticing and naming what stories are about and how the details or examples in the story give the readers lots of information.
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Math Workshop

As Mathematicians we can compose and decompose teen numbers.

Social Studies

As Social Scientists, we will explore our presidents and national symbols.
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Monday's Fox Star of the Day: Maci (Selected by Mr. Snipe)

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Environmental Science Projects: Way to go, Neomi!

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Happy Birthday, Aiden!

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