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what we do

Everything in the environment, weather naturally occuring or of human design, is composed of chemicals. Chemicals search for and use new knowledge about chemicals to develeope new process or products.

Awesome Facts

You discover new process that could solve the worlds energy crisis, or develope a synthetic fiber that can stop a speeding bullet.

The careers benefit to society

Help discover new medicines that alleviate pain.

Requirements and skills needed

A bachelors degree in chemistry or a related discipline is the minimum educational requirments, however many research jobs require a masters degree or, more often a pHd.


Perservence, Curiosity, and the ability to concentrate on detail and to work independently.


Chemist= $69,760Us Mean Annual wage= $45,230Minimum wage= $15,080

Job growth

More slowly than average (3% to 6%)

Companies that hire in this field

Usually would work in offices and laboratories.