Principal's Message February 7 -11

What a Week!

Dear Peabody and Watkins,

We are right in the middle of our middle of the year testing at for K-5 classrooms. Some classes are done, some are upcoming. I think everyone can agree that there are so many assessments this year and perhaps every year. And at the same time, we are very interested in tracking our students growth, and learning what they know and don't know in order to better meet their learning needs. That is the point of assessment.

At Watkins, we are having gentle "efficacy talks" with students - Mr. Boisvert or I are going into some classes to message to students that you (staff and caregivers) have all worked so hard this year and that this iReady test is just one way to show how much you've learned. So try your best! Teachers will also have a brief conversation with students to process the new score in light of the old score. We are seeking to use these data points so that students have agency over their math and reading goals, awareness of how to achieve them, and a sense of success and support along the way. Before Parent-Teacher Conferences (March 10) you'll hear more from leadership about your child's iReady score, what it means, and how they will be supported and challenged moving forward. One important point to keep in mind is that this is just ONE data point and does not define your child as a learner.

Keep in mind that this is a year unlike any other. Positive results are worth celebrating and unwanted results are worth further inquiry that teachers, students and caregivers can engage in together.

Both Schools

Key Dates

  • Feb 8 - Peabody Open House, 6pm VIRTUAL. (Details below)
  • Feb 9 - Watkins Open House, 6pm VIRTUAL. (Details below)
  • Feb 17 - Watkins Black History Celebration, 6pm. Tentatively in person.
  • Feb 28 - March 4 Peabody Black History Celebration, during school, virtual access

  • Asymptomatic Student Testing Schedule!

    Every Friday: Asymptomatic COVID testing for students.

    9:15 for Watkins

    9:15 for Peabody (Kindergarten only - PK students all test at home weekly)

upcoming open houses

Enrollment season is upon us and we look forward to meeting with prospective families to share everything that Peabody and Watkins has to offer. Please share broadly within your networks.

All Open Houses will take place from 6pm- 7pm. No registration is needed.

Watkins: Feb 9, March 16

Peabody: Feb 8, March 15

Staff and Caregivers:

please share this link to our Enrollment Page on our school website to any and all of the people in your networks.

Spirit Week!

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NEW: School-Based Close Contact COVID TEST REQUESTS

DCPS staff or students identified as a close contacts in a school based COVID case, can now request up to 2 test kits. The steps for requesting a Mail-to-Home COVID-19 Test Kit will be outlined in the guidance close contacts receive.

Quarantine or Testing Questions?

First try

If you don't find your answer, caregivers can email, our contact tracer. Please include your school leaders on these emails.


Basketball teams continue to thrive

Please join me in celebrating our girls and boys teams! The boys are 2-0 and the girls are 4-2 with a few games left. The tradition of excellence continues! Congrats to our student athletes, Coach Hill, Coach Redmond, and Coach Drakeford.

Coach Drakeford is planning the upcoming track and soccer seasons for all students - stay tuned!

A Mathtastic New Opportunity at Watkins!

Ms. Goedeke, our math coach, is thrilled to launch the Watkins Math Team for students in 4th and 5th grade every Wednesday morning before school, 8:00 to 8:40am, starting Wednesday, February 16th. We will meet weekly to solve, discuss and analyze non-routine math tasks. Most of these problems come from the Continental Math League competition, a national organization that creates challenging contests for students.

During our Math Team meeting, students can volunteer to share their strategies for solving each of the problems. We’d like to have as many students share as possible. Team mates then have an opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions of their teammates.

If you would like to participate in Math Team, please use the link below to RSVP. The first twenty students who RSVP will receive a morning pass to report to the 3rd floor common space, and a copy of the first week’s tasks.

If you have additional questions about Math Team, please reach out to Ms. Goedeke:

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Collecting tubes and small boxes for new Library Maker Space

We have opened a new MAKER SPACE center in the Library and we need donations of SMALL BOXES (such as mac n cheese, tea bag, butter, gogurts, crackers etc.) plus cardboard PAPER TOWEL and TOILET PAPER TUBES (nothing larger than a tissue box please). If you and your students could SAVE any of these (instead of putting them in your recycle bin) and put them in backpacks, there is a labeled fun COLLECTION BIN in EACH FLOOR Lobby Area, where students can put them (unicorn bin PreK 3; dragon bin PreK 4 and penguin bin Kindergarten). THANKS A MILLION!! Your Peabody Librarian, Ms. Bloom

Virtual Bedtime Stories with Ms. Bloom

As an extra bonus during our cozy Winter Reading Program, Ms. Bloom is reading bedtime stories virtually with any Peabody students who want to join from 7pm to 7:30pm on three more Wednesday evenings. The remaining dates are: Wednesday, February 16 and March 2! Let’s BLAST OFF TO READ TOGETHER!!!

The link to join is on the Peabody Library Canvas Page - just click on the black PJ's & Bedtime Story button OR use the link here.

Weekly PreK 3 and 4 Testing Requirement - Reminder

With many of our youngest learners ineligible to access the COVID-19 vaccine, DCPS is dedicating testing resources to weekly testing of all Pre-K students.

Students in PK3 and PK4 will be sent home with a rapid test each Friday, and will be required to upload their results each Sunday before returning to the classroom here:

Students will not be able to test at school. Students without a test result the first day of the week will have to return home to test.

Families should test and upload their results by 4:00 p.m.

Additional note: because tests must be taken the day prior to your student's return to school with results uploaded by 4:00 p.m. that day, if your child is not attending school on Monday, next week, they should not test and upload results on Sunday, but on the day before they return. This rule will apply to every week.

Kindergarten students will also be receiving weekly test kits and are highly encouraged to test each week. This is not a requirement. K students will still be randomly selected for weekly asymptomatic testing.