Genghis Khan

The Mongol Leader


During Genghis Khan's time there were many different beliefs. For example, Genghis Khan grew up worshiping the earth gods while other cultures worshiped different gods. As Genghis Khan conquered different tribes and countries the cultures grew. Luckily for the people he took he wasn't going to force them to believe in his gods. Although the Great Khan chose to believe in the earth gods others could also choose what gods to believe in. His way of accepting others beliefs has continued to the 21st century in the land that was his empire. Now, thanks to Genghis Khan people accept other peoples beliefs and no one fights over the different beliefs. It is truly amazing what Genghis Khan has done.


Tech had a huge impact on Genghis Khan's empire. Science also had a huge impact on his empire. The way it has an impact is that he got the tech to make different types of machines like catapults and barriers, so that he could move closer to the enemy and so that if they were attacking a place with walls, they could get above the walls. It also made a huge impact on his army because by then they became stronger with the more tech and science they had.


They experienced changes in their relationships because some of the tribes that were later in his empire used to go to war against each other, but once Genghis Khan took over their tribes they stopped fighting. That was a major change in relationships. They learned to not fight, and they were able to learn different things from each other which made his empire stronger.

Cause and Effects

They also traded services. For example, as Genghis Khan's empire grew they got more soldiers and each part of his empire trained those soldiers with different techniques. Sometimes they would give another part of the empire some of their warriors in exchange for some of the other part's warriors, and then they would have the new people train the other soldiers their techniques and the empire would become stronger.

Mr. Koski

Letter to My Tribe by Mr. Koski


The different landforms had a big impact on the way people made money. For example, if you live in the mountains then you probably would not use agriculture to make a living, and you also might not sell certain types of animals. Maybe you would do something else for a living though. This limits your options. For instants, in one part of the empire there might be mountains and someone might live there, but in another part of the empire there might be flat land so people who live there might sell crops and sell animals, or sell food but they wouldn't do things that you need a mountain for. You also might need to do different things depending on climate. For example if it is very cold and there is not a lot of rain then you would not want to do agriculture. But if it is warm and there is water than agriculture would be perfect.