Italians live in italy, the average income is 41000$ a year.

Cultural Info

The #1 song in Italy Faded by Alan Walker. A fun fact of Italy is that it is home to Italys 3 active volcanoes.

Political Information

Rome is a Republic, a short history of Italy is that they are a relatively new country and during WWII they allied with Hitler and the Axis powers. A historical event is from Italy is Napoleon almost taking over all of europe in the 1800's.

Famous People from Italy

Julius Caesar, Giorgio Armani

Tourist Attraction

A famous tourist attraction is the coliseum, a arena in ancient rome where gladiators fought to the death for entertainment.

Overview of Italian Food

The italians focus more on produce with protein being secondary, generally as meals progess it gets simpler. Pizza and pasta are the foods most associated with this country.