Pacific Blob

By: Chesney Cassell

What It Is

The Pacific Blob is a huge area of unusually warm water in the Pacific. Scientists who study the atmostsphere of the ocean started to notice a big, almost circular mass of water that just didn't cool off, so by spring of 2014 it was warmer than anybody had ever seen it for that time of year. There isn't just one blob, there are two others that emerged in 2014; one is in the Bering Sea and the other is off the coast of Southern California. As of right now these are not a huge concern, but if they keep getting bigger and the temperatures keep rising, then we will need to worry about these pressing blobs.

Facts about the Blob

  • The blob was 1,000 miles long, 1,000 miles wide and 100 yards deep in 2014 and it has grown this year
  • Waters in the blob have been warmer by about 5.5 degrees
  • some fish migrate hundreds of miles from their normal habitats to get to the warm waters of the blob
  • The Pacific Blob is compared to a long lasting El- Nino
  • The warmer temperatures are due to less wimter cooling insteas of more heating


The blob has lasting affects on the ocean and ocean life. Because of the blob the marine life was seen swimming in unusual places, water temperatures are warmer than they should be, there is no snow where there should be feet of it. One of the primary problems is small snow accumulation in the mountains. In Californa Govener Jerry Brown announced water restrictions due to the lack of snow in their mountain area. He stood on a patch of dry, brown grass in the Sierra Nevada mountains that is usually blanketed by up to 5 feet of snow.