All About the Cheese

Domino's Pizza Commercial

What is in your pizza?

Domino's Pizza in the commercial, "Domino's Pizza Commercial 2014 Reverse Logic," explains that only top of the line cheese experts provide their cheese, the steps it takes for them to receive their cheese, and to never judge cheese by its bag. Domino's supports their explanation by going back to the farm raised cows that produce such a rich cheese that is then, "crafted to perfection by an award winning mozzarella maker," (Domino's) and packaged with care to then be shipped off to Domino's Pizza establishments across the country. Domino's purpose is to point out the ingredients that they choose are high quality in order to provide the best pizza baked and delivered. The Domino's Pizza commercial uses an informal tone for people who are and are not customers.
Domino's Pizza Commercial 2014 Reverse Logic