The WAVA Wave

February 1, 2016

A Message from our Principal...

Dear Students, Parents & Learning Coaches,

For all of our new to WAVA students, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Washington Virtual Academies. Washington Virtual Academies believes in building a supportive & interactive learning community. We are focused on building relationships with students to create world class netizens who can excel in 21st century learning & work.

For our returning students, February marks our half way point of the 2016-17 school year. Semester finals can be a stressful time at high schools & I am hopeful your son or daughter was able to complete their courses & move one step closer to graduation. If fall semester was troublesome or you did not achieve the success you had envisioned, I encourage you to start the new semester with a positive attitude. Embrace semester II with renewed motivation and the excitement of meeting new teachers and new WAVA students.

WAVA has lots of great events planned during the spring semester. On February 29th, the WAVA team will be hosting an event at the Great Wolf Lodge (West Side) and Triple Play (East Side). Both of these are family friendly venues where you can play for the day & meet some of the Wonderful WAVA staff. You can find out about both these great events through your homeroom teacher.

The staff and ASB have already begun planning for Prom 2016. We will be hosting Prom at Emerald Downs this year. The date is scheduled for Saturday April 23rd. You will hear more about this event in your homeroom sessions.

Our semester II Opening Day Assemblies will be at 9:00 am and your first Homeroom session for the new semester will be at 10:00am on Monday Feb 1st. I look forward to seeing you!

I hope you have a great day! My Virtual door is always open.

Jayme Evans

WAVA High School Principal

253.964.1068 Ext 7006

A Message from our Academic Advisors...

February marks the start of 2nd semester – welcome to a new beginning. I would like to share some traits of a successful WAVA student– a great way for you to start the new semester.

Create a school work schedule. You should be spending a minimum of 1 hour per day per class. You will also need to add ClassConnect and homework time. Don’t forget to schedule in breaks during the day and reward yourself when you accomplish tasks.

Check your kmail every day. Read your kmails and respond, when required, in a timely manner – no more than 24 hours should go by without a reply from you. Kmail is the main form of communication at WAVA – best practice is to check more than once a day.

Log in to every class every day. Check the class News items for announcements. Check the Class Plan and complete the daily assigned work. If you have any overdue assignments complete them right away – you do not want to get behind and have to catch up.

Attend live Class Connect sessions. Post your Class Connect schedule and set up reminders so you don’t forget to attend. These sessions are your chance to interact with your classmates and teachers in a live setting. If you have to miss a session contact your teacher to explain your absence.

Communicate with your teachers. Reach out to your teachers if you need help or have any questions. Send a kmail. Call them on the phone. Send a text message. You will find teacher contact information in the Course Materials link of your classes.

If you follow these tips you will be a successful WAVA student. Have a great 2nd semester!

Ms. Hamilton

Academic Advisor

Bowling Night in Burien!

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 4-6pm

15733 Ambaum Boulevard Southwest

Burien, WA

Come and hang out with other WAVA High School students in Burien.
$10.00 per student for 2 games of bowling.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Hiking Club at Little Mountain Park

Friday, Feb. 19th, 11am-1pm

Little Mountain Park, Mount Vernon, WA, United States

Mount Vernon, WA

Join our Hiking Club! Click here for more information.

Great Wolf Lodge

Monday, Feb. 29th, 1pm

20500 Old Highway 99 Southwest

Centralia, WA

$159.00 per night (includes 4 water-park entrances)
$20.00 resort fee

Please call 1-866-941-9653 by Monday, February 8th. Use the code 1512WASH when making the reservation.

The above rate is good for two nights.

Triple Play Family Fun Park

Monday, Feb. 29th, 10am

175 West Orchard Avenue

Hayden Lake, ID

Indoor Ultimate (waterpark) $16.00
Indoor Adventure $10.50

You will need to pay with cash will be collected at a central meeting point before the event.

Learning Day at the Capitol

Friday, March 4th, 10am-2pm

State Capitol Building [nb], Olympia, WA, United States

This exciting event gives our digital public school students and their families a chance to travel to the Washington State Capitol to rally and show strong support for digital public schools. We have lots of exciting events scheduled this year including capitol tours, an awards ceremony, and opportunities to interact with legislators. Please start making plans today to participate and sign up here.

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Learning Coach Coffee Chats are every week! Please Join Us.

Coffee Chats!

This is a chance for WAVA Learning Coaches to connect with other WAVA Learning Coaches to talk about a specific topic for 30 minutes every week.

Every Thursday!


February 4th at 1:00pm: Making Learning Fun

Click here to join.

February 11th at 1:00pm: Teaching styles

Click here to join.

February 18th at 1:00pm: P.E.

Click here to join.

February 25th at 1:00pm: Success stories

Click here to join.

Where do I go for help?

Navigation of the new online high school platform, blackboard login, or WAVA Wave support...
Contact: Your Family Support Liaison
  • Ms. Bobbi Haworth
  • Ms. Cindy Alexanian

Weekly attendance or other school wide announcements...

Contact: Your homeroom teacher

Academic Questions...

Contact: Your homeroom teacher and follow up with your academic advisor.

  1. A-G Ms. Pattie Taylor
  2. H-O Ms. Laurie Hamilton
  3. P-Z Ms. Tara Rowland

Progress to graduation, credit review, Running Start, SAT or ACT questions...

Contact: Your high school counselor

  1. A-G Ms. Aurora Flores
  2. H-O Ms. Julie Needham
  3. P-Z Ms. Leslee Gongaware

Are you interested in joining a club at WAVA?

Follow this link (be sure to be signed in to your wavawave email):

Class Connect Troubleshooting

If you ever have problems getting your class connects to load please refer to this guide:

We need parent volunteers!

We have an upcoming social gathering we are putting together for WAVA students this month and need parent volunteers. If you would like more information on how you can help for this event or other events this school year, please fill out this survey.