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October 2021

From Mrs. Myrick

Please make sure your students have everything completed for the November 1 deadline if they are choosing early action or early decision.

I have sent all seniors an email stating if their portals are saying anything is not completed it is because I either (1) do not have their PPP to write their letter of recommendation, (2) they do not have me added to the portal, (3) or their deadline is not listed as November 1 in the portal.

I have requested that all packets are sent to me by the end of the weekend or I will not be able to write an individualized letter of recommendation for them. Please have them double check that everything is marked as completed! If not, reach out to me ASAP!!

For deadlines November 15 and beyond, I will begin working on letters November 2nd. The sooner the PPP is sent to me, the better!

Thank you for all your support and hard work making sure these applications are completed!

Happy October, Spartans!

I will be out of the office October 11-22 this month. Since I will not be here for parent teacher conferences, please feel free to schedule time with me before then if you want to discuss post-secondary options! I am happy to meet in person or via Zoom. Here is a link to schedule something with me!

If you need your transcripts or letter or recommendation for a deadline anytime between October 11-22, please submit it to me ASAP so I can submit those before I leave.

We have several universities coming to visit STEM this month, so please pay close attention to that section below. As a reminder, Colorado Free Application Days are later this month (during fall break)! Be sure to have everything ready to submit during those days.

Enjoy fall break!

Mrs. M

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Free Application Days

Free Application Days for Colorado universities are coming up later this month! These are the days that application fees will be waived for Colorado universities.
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Mrs. Myrick will send all transcripts to universities. Please put her information on all applications.

Transcripts for Common App: you must sign your FERPA (located on the left hand side of the Common App Portal) before you can invite your recommenders. You will add Kelli Myrick, as your Counselor Recommender to add your transcripts.

Transcripts for SendEdu, Coalition, & all other Application Portals: You will add Kelli Myrick, as your Counselor to add your transcripts.

Transcripts that need to be mailed or emailed due to lack of portal system: Please complete the Transcript Request Form

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation: To receive a letter of recommendation from Mrs. Myrick you need to have completed a Post-Secondary Planning Packet (PPP). To request a letter of recommendation, you will add Mrs. Myrick as your Counselor Recommender via the website you use to apply to college. For most of you, this will be Common Application. For the colleges not listed on Common Application, the others use either SendEdu or Coalition where you will create an account to request your Letter of Recommendation. The process is the same with your other recommendation letter writers.

Colorado School of Mines:

For Mines, you can use SendEdu OR your recommenders will need to send their letters directly to:


I know several students have already been accepted to one or more universities. Congratulations!! As you are accepted into universities and receive scholarship information, please complete the forms below!

College Fairs

NACAC Fairs - currently all virtual

  • Sunday, Oct. 3 Signature Fair: 1-6 p.m. ET

  • Thursday, Oct. 14: Midwest US Fair: 5-9 p.m. ET

  • Sunday, Oct. 24: Signature Fair: 1-6 p.m. ET

  • Tuesday, Nov. 2: Arts & STEM Fair: 4-8 p.m. ET

  • Sunday, Nov. 14: Signature Fair: 1-6 p.m. ET

College VIsits at STEM

It is so important to come to these visits and meet with college admissions representatives. At some schools, they are the ones reviewing your applications so it is important to have as much face-time with them as possible.

Juniors: Come visit as many schools as possible! Whether it is your top school, or one you have never heard of, it is important to learn about what each school has to offer you for your college experience!

This year, STEM if offering 3 types of college visits

Lunch visits will be held during the lunch hours in Mrs. Myrick's office. On Naviance it will say the visit begins at 11am - please just come down during the beginning your lunch.

After school visits will be held from 2:55-3:20 in Mrs. Myrick's office.

Virtual visits will be held on Zoom from 3:15 - 3:45pm.

I will specify which type of visit below! (Lunch, virtual, after school in-person)


San Diego State University: October 4, 2021 (lunch)

University of Denver: October 6, 2021 (lunch)

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology: October 6, 2021 (after school in-person)

University of Colorado - Colorado Springs: October 7, 2021 (lunch)

Air Force ROTC: October 7, 2021 (after school in-person)

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott: October 8, 2021 (lunch)

Bethel University: October 26, 2021 (lunch)

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities: October 26, 2021 (virtual)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute: October 28, 2021 (virtual)


University of Oregon: November 2 (virtual)

Temple University -Japan: November 4, 2021 (virtual)

University of Idaho: November 5, 2021 (lunch)

Montana Tech of the University of Montana: November 9, 2021 (lunch)

University of New Mexico: November 19, 2021 (lunch)

SAT and ACT Testing

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Career Discovery

We are glad to announce mentorships and internships for STEM high school students. By simply filling out the Career Discovery application, high school students' interests will be matched with subject matter experts in mentorships or internships. APPLICATION LINK

To learn more about Career Discovery, please look at this LINK.

To find the Career Discovery webpage on the STEM website, go to Academics / Student Support Services / Career Discovery.


What does being a mentor mean to the mentors?

Wilfredo Santiago

Will is a mentor for the Fall 2021 Lockheed Martin Executive HS Internship Program. In this program, STEM students are working with students from Jeffco to solve problems related to deep space exploration.

Growing up in Puerto Rico and attending a small school with a graduating class of less than 45 students, I didn’t know if my dreams of working on space missions were even remotely possible. STEM was not a term I ever heard until much later in college. I found inspiration and encouragement through some amazing teachers and my family. Since I didn’t have many of the resources and opportunities available today, mentoring is somewhat personal to me. I wholeheartedly enjoy sharing my experience and lessons learned, but I very quickly realize that there is so much more that I always learn from the students. Their talent, creativity, passion, and drive is nothing short of inspiring and energizing.

One of my favorite mentoring moments is when I step back and hear the teams asking themselves what are the key driving requirements for their project, strategizing how to solve a problem, analyzing all the different variables, doing the research, and executing a plan. It’s humbling to work with the explorers of tomorrow whom are willing and able to take those extra steps today that will undoubtedly drive positive change in our world and beyond. The students may not realize it yet, but what they are working on right now will help engineer a better tomorrow. Their families, instructors, and program facilitators are making an investment that is simply incalculable, and I’m grateful to play a small part in this endeavor.

Doug Daniels

Head of Google Cloud - Healthcare and Life Sciences - West Region

Doug Daniels has been a mentor for STEM for several years, and now is a mentor for one of our students in the STEM Career Discovery's Career Mentor Program.

"Being a parent of two children who attended STEM, I've personally witnessed the unique learning and problem solving environment that makes a STEM education so valuable today. Being part of Google has given me the opportunity to sponsor student visits to our Boulder campus and "life in the day of a Googler" activities. Additionally, helping students understand trends in the workplace and desired skills helps open the conversation with these passionate students who love to build a deeper understanding of our world. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of their learning environment"

Finding Industry Partners

One way to help Career Discovery support mentorships and internships is to share the Building Ships webpage with subject matter experts in businesses and industries. Please direct any prospective industry or business mentors to the survey. We are inviting industry, community, and businesses to join us in making sure every student has the kind of "ships" that promote kindness, readiness for future careers, and passion for infinite opportunities to help humanity.

Internship Beyond STEM Career Discovery

Students are encouraged to research internship opportunities outside of STEM. Many of these may qualify for STEM Internship Credit. Our Career Discovery team is available to help students navigate opportunities outside of STEM as well as the policies and paperwork required by DCSD and the state.

What Makes STEM Career Discovery Unique?

  • We are able to work with subject matter experts to design mentorships and internships that align with our student's interests.
  • Our Building Ships Executive-Level Advisory Board works with us to make sure our efforts prepare students to thrive in their future careers and lives.
  • We collaborate with other schools, educational organizations, and state organizations like Colorado Workforce Development to make sure our students are connected with an entire network of support.

Student and Parent Voices

We would like to create HS Student and Parent Advisory Committees to inform our efforts.

  1. Building Ships HS Student Advisory Committee
  2. Building Ships HS Parent Advisory Committee

If you are a high school student or parent that would like to be involved in an advisory committee, please complete this interest survey.

Other Opportunities

Advent Health University is having a virtual Open House on October 20th from 5-7 PM MT. Prospective students can join as long or as little as possible during that time. Prospects will have a chance to speak to current students and program faculty during this Zoom event. They will need to RSVP on our website to get the link to connect ( Those who attend that evening will get a special code to apply for free!

For more information about mentorships and internships, please contact Gregg Cannady.

Employment Opportunities

Code Ninjas Highlands Ranch

Wind Crest by Erickson Senior Living

Ohana School of Early Learning