Jaguar Journal

Week of 9/23/19

Important Dates for the Week:

Monday, September 23rd:

  • Dual Language Team Meeting in Membreno’s room after dismissal

  • PTA Thrift Shop Board Meeting for Check Disbursement at JS Waters at 6:30 (Murray)

Tuesday, September 24th:

  • 4th/K PLC

  • MTSS at 11

  • Staff Meeting in Media Center after dismissal (Snacks by ESL/Reading)

  • PTA Meeting in Media Center from 6 - 7

Wednesday, September 25th:

  • PAYDAY!!!

  • Progress Reports go home with students

  • Early Release for Students at 11:30

  • Classified Staff Meeting at 1:30 in the media center

  • Biliteracy Workshop (Brennan, Lien, Hamilton, Negroni, Teague, Vivanco, Robinson, Exley)

Thursday, September 26th:

  • 3rd/2nd/1st PLC

  • Biliteracy Workshop (Brennan, Lien, Hamilton, Negroni, Teague, Vivanco, Robinson, Exley)

Friday, September 27th:

  • 5th PLC

  • EC Audit Team at NCE for the Day (they will be around the building and meeting with stakeholder teams in the conference room throughout the day)

  • Please work to have your PDP goals finalized in NCEES by today. Let Eddie/Carla know if you need support.

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Welcome our newest Jaguars! We are thrilled to have Elista Lewis and Clyde Scotten joining us this week at NCE. Mrs. Lewis will be joining the Pre-K team and Mr. Scotten will be joining our custodial team! Please give them a warm NCE welcome!
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Early Release

  • 5th and 3rd grade will be the only grades that will have specials on Wednesday.

  • Please make sure you know how children are going home Wednesday early! Let us know if you need help contacting parents.

  • We will have a classified staff meeting at 1:30 in the media center on Wednesday. Snacks will be provided! Certified staff will learn more about choices for their PD at Tuesday's staff meeting.

  • PLEASE remember that Public School Works are DUE ASAP! Each year, employees are assigned online courses to complete through PublicSchoolWORKS. All employees should have received course assignments via email (initially issued on June 10, 2019). As a reminder the deadline for course completion is September 30, 2019. All employees hired after August 19, 2019, should have received an alternate completion deadline. Please see Carla/Eddie if you have questions. This is a perfect activity for Wednesday afternoon!

District Forms:

Technology Responsible Use Form - We must limit technology use if we do not have the Technology Responsible Use Form by this Wednesday, September 25th. After you have logged who has returned them, please turn forms into Evonne. There are additional copies in workroom if you want to send again with students.

Media Non Consent Form - We only need this back IF the parent doesn’t want their child photographed/shared online. IF THEY return it without boxes checked, this is ok. This form is only needed if the family wants to opt out. After you have logged who has returned them, please turn them into Evonne. WE WILL BE ASKING FOR STUDENT NAMES FROM YOUR CLASS THAT CAN'T BE PHOTOGRAPHED./PLEASE KEEP A LOG.

United Way:

Several weeks ago you received an envelope in your box for contributions to United Way. September 30th is our deadline. As of today we have had very little participation. I have drawn a winner for a prize for the contributors to date. Beginning Wednesday I will draw for prizes from contributors names until all prizes are given. Todays winner is Kim Brennan!!!

iReady BOY Diagnostic:

Your BOY testing window for iReady is: September 9th – October 11th. It is a district expectation that all classes in grades 1-5 complete the BOY iReady diagnostic. Kindergarten will complete the MOY diagnostic. We will dig into this data this year as PLCs.

  • Students should have the first diagnostic of the school year automatically assigned to them. It will prompt them to begin their assessment the first time that they login this year.

  • Use this PowerPoint presentation to prepare students for a Diagnostic and engage them with i-Ready. Detailed facilitation notes are provided in the notes section of each slide.

  • Remember that the first diagnostic assessment of the year determines each student’s Typical and Stretch Growth targets. If students have a rush flag on the assessment, you may wish to consider retesting them to get accurate growth targets for the year.

  • Attached is a data chat to use with students after their first diagnostic to help them track their progress and reflect on their data. When students complete a diagnostic assessment this year (grades 3-8), the scale score for the assessment will appear on the screen at the completion.

IStation Benchmark Cut Points:

Here is a folder with many different IStation documents that may be helpful. Here is a set of directions on how to find the cut off ISIP scores for IStation in your toolbox section on your IStation home page. Use the same directions to find the percentiles. Here are the direct links to the cut off scores for the overall ISIP scores and each subtest:

School Improvement Plan/School Improvement Team Meeting:

A big part of the work that the School Improvement Team does annually is ensuring our school has a living School Improvement Plan. Our plan is not new every year, it is often a continuation of the work from the previous year. At the meeting this week, we reviewed action steps and we would now like to make sure everyone is aware of the indicators/action steps for the year. All certified staff, please read over the plan, ask questions if you have them and then vote on the plan here.

Please see Notes from School Improvement Meeting and ask your rep. if you have questions!

Grant Deadline

Duties for the Week:


Early Bus: Trejo, K. Horton

Main Lobby: Webster

Intersection/MPR: Ross

4th/5th Hall: Maul

Bus: Trygar

Car: Murray, Alvarez, Brooks, Parrish, Avila, Depietro, Rowlan


Bus Ramp: Trygar, Bland, Crankshaw

Late Bus: Trygar, K. Horton, Parrish, Avila, Alvarez, Brooks

Cars: Gomez, Hackney, Harner, Teague, Robinson, Woods, Rogers, Depietro-TL, Spencer- TL, Pegram/Wheeler

Please do not send out mass emails regarding others covering duty for you due to an absence/progressional development. We must have confirmed people out at car duty and subs just aren't the same. This is too important a time of day for us not to be covered! Please text a friend that doesn't have duty to switch with you and/or text Carla if you need coverage!

Thank you for all you do for NCE students daily!

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