National Art Honor Society

Livonia Franklin High School

Franklin NAHS Background:

Franklin became a charter member of NAHS in November 2005. Chapter number 2550 of The National Art Honor Society for grades 10 through 12 .

Members Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, 2:30pm

Mr. Rheault's room

Piece of the week votes, Photography and Drawing mock lessons.

Piece Of The Week.

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Kacey Bernhard




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2014-15 NAHS Members

  1. Danielle Marlett, Sr. Inducted 2014
  2. Kaitlyn Stabler, Sr. Inducted 2014
  3. Alexa Oroscz, Sr. Inducted 2014
  4. Darian Pisano, Sr. Inducted 2014
  5. Alexis Surmacz, Sr. Inducted 2014
  6. Evelyn Edwards Sr. Inducted 2014

2014-15 NAHS Candidates

1. Micaela Rigley 10th

2. Alexis Rynde 12th

3. Mia Petoskey 12th

4. Brook Hall 12th

5. Kristopher Covert 12th

6. Julie Kotronis 12th

7. Kacey Bernhard 10th

8. Hannah Ford 11th

9. Elizabeth Cadotte 12th

10. Nikki Hawthorne 11th

11. Delaney Mackenzie 11th

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